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Sourcefield - Reckoners Board Game.jpg
Died Shot by David[1]
Aliases Emiline Bask
Powers Epic
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Firefight

I'm going to destroy you, little man! I'll rip you apart like a piece of tissue paper in a hurricane!

—Sourcefield to David[1]

Sourcefield is a High Epic killed by the Reckoners after she attacks Newcago.[1] Prior to becoming an Epic, she is known as Emiline Bask.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sourcefield is a middle-aged woman with curly brown hair.[1] She dresses in a black jumpsuit with a cape and sneakers and wears a mask which contains a plastic filter over her nose and mouth.[3][1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Epic Abilities[edit]

Electrical Manipulation
Sourcefield has the power to manipulate electricity. This ability both protects her from weapons and allows her to fire blasts of electrical energy.[3][1] She can also create electrical forcefields similar to Prof's, in which she can entrap people.[4]
Her teleportation ability is related to her electrical powers. She has the ability to transform herself into electricity and travel through substances she touches. The more conductive the substance, the farther she is able to travel through it. This is not true teleportation.[3]

Epic Weakness[edit]

Sourcefield's weakness is Kool-Aid. While contact with Kool-Aid will dampen her powers, she needs to swallow Kool-Aid to fully disable her powers.[1] In her past, her grandparents tried to kill her by poisoning her with a Kool-Aid drink. This connection to her past is one of the pieces of information that leads David to a new understanding of Epic powers and weaknesses.[5]


When she was a young child, Emiline's grandparents poisoned her Kool-Aid while attempting to mimic a cult ritual. Emiline was able to crawl out to the street and get help from someone passing by.[5] She was raised by her aunt after her mother committed suicide, though how old Emiline was at the time is unknown. Later, she was employed as a hotel desk clerk. Two years after Calamity's arrival, Emiline gained her powers and became known as Sourcefield. She passed some amount of time in Detroit, Madison, and Little Blackstone before allying with Static for several years.[5] She then ended up in Babilar, where Regalia met her and sent her to Newcago as part of her plot to lure Prof over to Babilar.[6][5]

Once in Newcago, Sourcefield immediately began killing random people while calling for the citizens to turn the Reckoners over to her.[3] The Reckoner team spent five days researching her and putting together a plan.[7] When they finally confronted Sourcefield, she trapped Prof in a bubble of electricity in such a way as to force him to use his powers to get free.[4] Leaving him behind, she went after the others, who were prepared with Kool-Aid in several forms.[8] Sourcefield chased David toward one of their primary trap points, but en route she electrocuted several Enforcement soldiers and forced the Reckoners to call a general retreat. David lured her into the room of the trap point, where they were close enough together that she was able to jolt him with a fair amount of electricity. He released the trap on Sourcefield, and the two of them were doused in hundreds of gallons of Kool-Aid. This weakened Sourcefield enough that David was able to tear her mask off. Kool-Aid dripped down her face and into her mouth, which finally completely negated her powers. David shot her just as she was coming out of the blind rage that using her powers had put her into.[1]

The look in Sourcefield's eyes just before she died haunted David for some time afterward,[9] but the hint about her weakness being linked to her past helped open up a new understanding of Epic weaknesses for him.[10] The flowers that Roy found in her pocket after her death were the final clue that led Prof to take Tia and David to Babilar; this eventually led to Regalia turning Prof.[7][11]


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