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Type police
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Enforcment is an authoritarian police force used by Steelheart to rule Newcago.[1] Enforcement is known to be commanded by the Epic Conflux, but it is later revealed that he only acted as a battery, without any real power over its members.

They use energy weapons, Copters, and occasionally huge robotic armor suits. These have two rotary barrels, one on each arm.[2]

Enforcement is composed of roughly 50 small groups, called Cores, which typically has five members - three infantry, one specialist (sniper, medic, etc) and one minor epic.[3]

Known enforcement members include David's friend, Roy, and an Epic, Refractionary, who was killed while David was retrieving his notebooks.[4]

After Steelheart died and all the Epics fled, The Reckoners starting accepting the allegiance of most of Enforcement to them to help them control Newcago. They now keep peace in Newcago.[citation needed]


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