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Died Killed by Paige[1]
Abilities Epic
Residence Lux
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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Lifeforce is a High Epic and the ruler of the flying city Lux. He uses his Epic powers to grant immortality to the denizens of his city. He and the city are currently in Texas to plunder what remains of it.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]


Lifeforce both has powerful healing abilities, and is a gifter. He can heal his own wounds, as well as gifting the ability others. Whenever he or one of his people is injured, they transfer the wound to someone else, causing them to receive the wound instead. Lifeforce keeps a multitude of prisoners in glass tubes underneath his palace for this purpose, on whom the wounds are inflicted on every time one of Lifeforce’s subjects heal. Despite being able to heal from any wound, Lifeforce still feels the pain of the injury every time.[3]


Lifeforce’s weakness is silver. People touching silver cannot be affected by his powers, and if silver comes into contact Lifeforce, it negates his powers, including his healing. His weakness is caused by Vera’s rejection, when she wouldn’t accept his silver engagement ring.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Languish and Lifeforce used to work at Target together before Calamity, and were good friends. Vera, who was good friends with both of them, started dating with Lifeforce, and she eventually broke up with him. After all three of them became Epics and Lifeforce got his revenge on Vera, Languish joined up with his friend. Languish served Lifeforce, ensuring that no Epic could challenge him.[4]

Ruler of Lux[edit]

Lifeforce dreamed of creating a floating paradise, and so sought out Wingflare and Cloudbreaker, so that he could make his dream a reality.[4] He locked Vera in the tunnels underneath his palace as punishment for her rejection. He filled her prison with gold, and tortured her through starvation, but using his healing powers to ensure she never died. His city established, Lifeforce had Lux pillage and loot cities throughout Texas, capturing prisoners for the tubes. Several Epics and groups of Epics challenged him, wanting to take over Lux for themselves. With Languish’s aid however, the challengers were all easily defeated.[5][6] During this time, Lifeforce preformed numerous experiments and research with Parik, his chief scientist, trying to inject a serum into people to put Deathrise into them.[1] He also worked to give himself the powers of other Epics, and successfully gave himself the power of the Epic Shiversting.[7]

After Parik learned a lot of valuable information about Epic DNA from Jax, Lifeforce was intrigued by the boy, and ordered Wingflare to capture him during the events at Arlington.[8] When Paige escaped being crushed by a large slab of pavement, she fought and killed a Raven multiple times. Lifeforce was impressed, and had her fight ten Ravens at once. When she defeated them, he made her into one of his Ravens.[9]

Fighting against the Reckoners[edit]

Lifeforce likely didn’t know about the Reckoner infiltration until Briggen was captured during their mission to attach the Wingflare motivator to the power grid. Lifeforce offered Briggen a luxurious and free life in exchange for betraying his friends, and Briggen accepted.[10] Lifeforce laid a trap for the Reckoners. Languish dampened Jax’s mitosis motivator, rendering the assassination attempt futile. When Ravens came in and surrounded them, Jax wanted to duel Briggen, but Lifeforce offered himself up instead. Lifeforce ordered Languish to stop dampening the mitosis motivator, making the stakes real. Jax was winning at first, but the mitosis motivator overheated and broke. Lifeforce used the stolen Epic power of Shiversting to shatter Jax’s sword, defeating him.[10] The Reckoners surrendered, and Lifeforce tried unsuccessfully to get Jax to join him as one of his scientific assistants. Lifeforce locked the Reckoners in the tubes underneath his palace, and killed Abigail by shooting himself in the head.[3]

Lifeforce worked with Parik in their lab, and tried to give himself the abilities of the Epic Liquidyne without success. He tried to heal himself during the experiment, but found that his healing wasn’t working. Transferring the wound to a different prisoner worked, but it left Lifeforce disturbed.[7]

Lifeforce was furious when Languish was kidnapped by the Reckoners, and summoned Briggen to see him. He took Briggen to the Chrysalis Hollows, where he injected Briggen with a special serum. Like all the other test subjects, Briggen went insane and died after a few minutes, leaving Lifeforce disappointed.[11] Lifeforce was angry with Languish for his apparent betrayel, and used a knife to engrave a message into Languish’s arm, calling him a traitor. He was irate as his Ravens continued to it be able to find him.[12] When Languish fought against and dampened Wingflare, Lifeforce hurried to his lab and began working quickly. Wingflare died soon after, and Lux began to fall. Lifeforce managed to inject himself with Wingflare’s DNA, successfully giving himself her powers and keeping the city from falling.[13]

In the middle of one of his regular trips to visit and taunt Vera in her prison, Cloudbreaker began pestering Lifeforce, asking him for him to meet with her.[14] He eventually did, meeting her in her bunker. She challenged his authority and capability as the city’s leader, and saying that she should be in charge now. She summoned the frost, a cataclysmic weather event that would freeze the entire city. Lifeforce told her to stop, and when she didn’t he withdrew his healing powers from her. She died of an old wound,[15] and Lifeforce rushed back to his lab to inject himself with her DNA. He did so succesfully, but wielding both Wingflare’s and Cloudbreaker’s powers was too much for him. He lost control, and Deathrise used Cloudbreaker’s powers to accelerate the frost further.[16]


As the frost grew worse, Jax, Paige, and Languish entered Lifeforce’s palace to kill him. Lifeforce confronted them, and he and Languish engaged in a battle of powers: Languish dampening Lifeforce's healing abilities while simultaneously dampening the healing that Lifeforce gifted him. Languish died to an old injury and Lifeforce regained control of the city. Jax managed to use Boomerang and Shiloh to stab Lifeforce, but Lifeforce still had access to his healing. Lifeforce used Wingflare’s powers to trap Jax beneath a steel door and began transferring his wound to Paige. Jax realizes that Lifeforce's weakness is silver, preventing him from using either of his powers on Jax because of Dan’s silver class ring. Paige realized that the hilt of Shiloh contains a motivator with a silver conduit made from the ring, and kicked the blade the rest of the way into Lifeforce's chest. The silver negated Lifeforce’s powers, and he began to die. Before he died, Lifeforce stabbed a syringe into Paige and injects the serum into her.[1]


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