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Lux Cover.jpg
by ?
The Reckoners
Setting Earth (Reckoners)
Collaborators Steven Michael Bohls
Released July 22, 2021

Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel is a novel set in the universe of The Reckoners. It was developed under Brandon's Mainframe production company, which is focused on audio originals.[1] It was released as an Audible original on July 22, 2021.[2] A print version is planned at some point in the future.[3]


A new team of Reckoners must infiltrate the flying city of Lux to take down the Epic Lifeforce in this audio-exclusive novel from Brandon Sanderson, the best-selling author of the Stormlight Archive and Mistborn series, and co-author Steven Michael Bohls.

When the great red star Calamity appeared in the sky, some believed the end had come. They were right. Calamity created the Epics: humans with incredible powers they didn't deserve.

They could have saved mankind. They could have lifted us into harmony and prosperity. Instead they burned. They slaughtered. They conquered. And then they ruled.

Jax has learned all of this the hard way. Orphaned at an early age, he's spent most of his childhood training to be a Reckoner – determined to find the Epics' weaknesses, unlock their secrets, and protect those of us who are still left.

But now, the mysterious High Epic Lifeforce has arrived with his flying city, Lux, to plunder what's left of Texas. So Jax and his ragtag team – the few who remain of the once-mighty Texas Reckoners – must take their battle to this floating fortress of riches – and defeat the invincible.

To avenge what has been lost. And rise anew.

—From Brandon's website[4]


Jax, a young Texas Reckoner, engages in a confrontation against the Epic Wingflare. The story then goes back several years to Jax’s backstory, in which the Epic Lovestruck kills his beloved older brother. Jax is then recruited by Prof, who introduces him to the Reckoners and takes him to the Reckoners training facility. Jax is personally trained to be a Reckoner by Zeff, the head trainer there. After an operation goes awry, leaving Zeff dead, Jax and the remaining Texas Reckoners decide to infiltrate the flying city of Lux, ruled by the High Epic Lifeforce.

They climb up into the city, disguising their weapons and gear using a motivator. Lux is kept in the air by an Epic called Wingflare, and the Reckoners sneak a motivator into the power grid so they can wrest control of the city from her. They try to assssinate Lifeforce, but they are betrayed by Briggen, a member of their team. They neutralize the other Epics in Lux. They confront Lifeforce, who has given himself Wingflare’s powers through scientific experimentation. Jax kills Lifeforce after figuring out his weakness. As he dies, Lifeforce injects a serum into Paige, one of the Reckoners. As Lifeforce dies, Lux slowly drifts into the sea. Paige awakes weeks later, with a mean attitude and dark thoughts. She hears a voice in her head, telling her that it is the demon that had lived inside Lifeforce. It calls itself Deathrise.


In 2019, Steven Michael Bohls mentioned that he was working with Brandon on an expansion to the Reckoners universe, and had been given quite a bit of autonomy on the project. It was conceived as both a spinoff and a sequel of the original trilogy, following a different team of Reckoners. Steven anticipated writing three novellas for the audio original format that would then be consolidated as a sequel in print.[5]

Brandon mentioned a planned Reckoners project for Mainframe in 2020 and again referred to the project as a trio of novellas.[6] In late 2020 and early 2021, Steven posted a few updates about the development process on social media; the working title was Deathrise.[7][8] During the revision process, the team decided that the pacing of the three novellas worked better as a single novel.[9] The novel is intended to stand alone; it has some time overlap with the previous Reckoners books, but reading them is not a prerequisite.[10]


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