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World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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The Coop is a training center for the Reckoners. It is located in Texas, north of Newcastle.[1]

It is essentially a warehouse with aluminum siding. It is partitioned into sections with walls made of pine boards and plywood, which appear to change locations frequently. It is also equipped with weapons of all kinds, including guns, melee weapons, vehicles, artillery cannons, complete with an M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank.[2] There are many training areas in the Coop, including a sword fighting arena and a shooting range. The housing portion of the Coop is slightly better furnished, with walls made of painted sheetrock. Rooms in the coop are spartan, with only a bed, toilet, sink, and single ceiling light.[3]

There are no watches, clocks, or mobiles in the coop, which makes the days blur together.[4]

The Coop also has a small motivator workshop, a "room" walled on three sides by crates and shelves, and on the fourth side by the tank. It is equipped with many different motivators as well as general tools and a large collection of books. There are numerous microbiology books, as well as Reckoner intel on Epics.[4] The last mechanic to work in this room was vaporized by a motivator containing Slingshot's DNA.[2]

The Post[edit]

Just outside the Coop is The Post, which is used as punishment by Zeff, who is the head trainer there. It is about four feet high and about eight inches in diameter. The punishment consists of standing on the post, and balancing there without falling off. If someone falls off, they have to go another hour.[3]



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