Stephen Leeds: Death & Faxes

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Stephen Leeds: Death & Faxes
Death and Faxes Cover.jpg
by ?
Collaborators Max Epstein, David Pace, Michael Harkins
Released June 7, 2022
Publisher Recorded Books
ISBN 978-1980062868

Stephen Leeds: Death & Faxes is a story in the Legion universe created by Brandon Sanderson. It was developed by Brandon's Mainframe production company as an audio original.[1] The audio rights are held by Recorded Books[1][2] and it was released as an Audible Original on June 7, 2022.[3] The story takes place chronologically between Legion and Legion: Lies of the Beholder. The plot focuses on Stephen Leeds tracking down a mysterious hacker named Enoch that uses unusual technology to breach the Internal Revenue Service.[3]


Stephen Leeds is perfectly sane. It’s his hallucinations who are all quite mad.
A one-man team of experts, Stephen Leeds is a genius of unparalleled mental capabilities who can learn new skills or master entire scholarly disciplines in mere hours. However, these skills come at a price. Stephen must compartmentalize his brain, with each of his new skill sets being held by an “aspect”—a hallucination his mind creates with their own fully-developed personality, life, and limitations. Without these aspects, and the delicate construct of reality they provide for him, Stephen is unable to control his mind and engage with the real world.
So when an unprecedented Internal Revenue Service data breach stumps the FBI, Stephen is brought in to investigate. With the help of his aspects, he must uncover the connection between millions of stolen tax returns, a mysterious hacker named Enoch, a strange, cutting-edge technology that uses soundwaves to transfer data, and a nearly extinct Mesopotamian religion which once rivaled Christianity. What Leeds discovers along the way will reveal the devastating consequences of this new technology, test the limits of his aspects, and lead him face to face with a man hell-bent on vengeance, for which no cost is too high.

—Blurb from[4]


Brandon has previously noted that new stories in the Legion series would work well in an episodic format similar to a television show, and that the planned "showrunner" for audio originals would be his partner in Mainframe, Max Epstein.[2][5]


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