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Skills History
Groups Aspect
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion

Tobias is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.

He is a lanky, dark-skinned old man with white hair who is an expert on history and trivia.[1] He tends to ramble on about things and has been coined a walking Wikipedia.[2] Stephen seems to find his voice quite comforting.[3][4]

His insanity is that he hallucinates about an astronaut named Stan in space who lives on a satellite, who occasionally sends him weather information. Stan is not one of Stephen's hallucinations, but is Tobias'. Stephen also mentions that Tobias has schizophrenia.[5]

Tobias dies from a stab wound inflicted by a nightmare version of Armando.[6] This has a strange effect on Stephen, causing him to forget things like the Eiffel Tower.


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