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Owner Nathan Haight (formerly), Yol Chay[1]
Services Biotech research
Products Medication for Parkinson's, other pharmaceuticals
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion: Skin Deep

Exeltec is a biotech firm founded five years before the death of Panos Maheras.[2] The company is originally owned by ten investors, with Nathan Haight,[3] the largest investor, serving as CEO. Stephen Leeds later temporarily buys the company,[4] before selling it to Yol Chay.[1]

Soon after Exeltec's inception, the company released their primary product, a drug that helped patients with Parkinson's disease. A year later, however, a competitor developed a better drug and Exeltec lost most of its revenue. Despite years of funding, its next three products all failed on the market and the company made no economic progress. As Exeltec grew increasingly desperate, they gained a reputation for "moral ambiguity and espionage," and were subject to four separate investigations; by the time of Panos' death, three had been closed without conclusive findings and the fourth—for cutting corners in overseas manufacturing—was ongoing.[3][2]

Increasingly desperate, Exeltec hires Zen Rigby to steal Panos' body, hoping it will lead to a new drug that will save the company.[2] During his investigation into Panos' death, Stephen Leeds aggressively pursues the company and has Yol Chay manipulate it economically so that the value of its shares will plummet. This enables Wilson to buy sixty percent of the company's stock on behalf of Stephen, which allows Stephen to vote himself president of the company and order Zen Rigby to stand down.[4] Stephen has no interest in running the company, however, and forced Yol to buy the company from him in return for helping with the Panos case.[1]


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