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Tobias (Threnody)

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Tobias (Threnody)
Died [1]
Residence Fortress Town
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence

Tobias is a member of Red Young's team of bounty hunters from the Fortress Towns of Threnody.[1]


Red took a search party of fortfolk to the Forests of Hell hunting for Chesterton Divide, hoping to collect the bounty on his head. Red mentioned that Tobias had gone out scouting ahead of the group and had discovered that Silence and William Ann Montane had already killed Chesterton.[1] Tobias was presumably present when the gang found Silence and took Chesterton's body; all of the fortfolk later fell victim to a booby trap placed by Silence and were killed by shades.[1]


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