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Aliases Amity
Residence The Forests of Hell
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence

Daggon is a man who lives in the Forests of Hell on Threnody.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Daggon is a perceptive man; through a combination of friendliness and astute storytelling, he is usually able to manipulate merchants into buying him all of his beers.[1] He believes in the God Beyond.[2]


Daggon often spent time in Silence's waystop, telling stories to travelers such as Lamentation Winebare.[1] Like most waystop visitors, he would often use a false name. He was a self-proclaimed expert on the White Fox, or at least an expert on getting people to buy him drinks in exchange for stories.[1] After Silence Montane fabricated the story of the the White Fox's demise, he switched to telling stories about Bloody Kent.[2]

Daggon himself seemed to be experienced at safely traveling through the Forests of Hell by following the Simple Rules.[1] He sometimes traveled to Lastport.[2]

Silence Montane had a certain fondness for Daggon; she scowled at him less often than others and often gave him extra slices of venison.[1] Daggon wondered if they might ever marry, but he was not sure if the affection she showed for him was romantic, or if it was simply to keep a repeat customer happy.[1] He finally resolved to court her, but was surprised to learn that she had multiple suitors after collecting the bounty on Chesterton Divide.[2]


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