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Aliases Amity
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence

Daggon is a man who lives in the Forests of Hell on Threnody.[1]

Daggon spends time in Silence's waystop, telling stories to men, such as Lamentation Winebare.[1] He considers himself an expert on the White Fox, or at least an expert on getting people to buy him drinks in exchange for stories. After Silence Montane fabricates the story of the the White Fox's demise, he switches to telling stories about Bloody Kent.

Silence Montane has a certain fondness for Daggon; she scowls at him less often than others and often gives him extra slices of venison.[1] Daggon wondered if they might ever marry, but he was not sure if the affection she showed for him was romantic, or if it was simply to keep a repeat customer happy.


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