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Chesterton Divide
Died By Silence Montane
Profession Highwayman
Residence The Forests of Hell
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence

Chesterton Divide is a highwayman from Threnody.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

It is uncertain how he normally dresses, but Chesterton and his men disguise themselves as merchants, wearing black coats with lace at the front and tall, wide-brimmed hats.[1] His physical appearance is not described.

Chesterton is a vicious monster, likened to a rabid dog.[1] He is responsible for many cruel acts, in particular larceny, murder, and rape. He has been shown to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, be it bribery, threats, killing, or other distasteful methods. He is not without cunning though; traveling as a merchant is a clever ruse that allows him freedom of movement and access to information.


Early Life[edit]

Very little about Chesterton's early life is known.[1] He is initially a simple, if successful, highway robber, guilty of murder, rape, and extortion.[1] One of his early crimes is the slaughter of Sebruki's family. For reasons unknown, he enters her family's homestead, encircles the room with silver powder to keep the shades out, and proceeds to kill her entire family. Sebruki's mother hides her under the floorboards, so Chesterton does not kill her.

Later he kills the governor of Lastport, although how or why are unclear.[1] The city of Lastport puts a huge bounty on Chesterton's head, calling him a psychopath and anarchist. Chesterton and four of his men go on the run, slipping into the Forests of Hell to hide, in the guise of simple merchants. The disguise allows them to vanish without cause for alarm, people assume that they were foolish and have simply been killed by shades. They also can stop at waystops to listen for information and case places and people they want to rob. Chesterton and his men manage to avoid capture in this way for at least three months.

Arrival at Silence's Waystop[edit]

Chesterton and his men then stop at Silence Montane's waystop for food, where she recognizes him from her book of bounties.[1] Unbeknownst to them, she has her daughter, William Ann, drug their food with fenweed to make them drowsy. She also mixes their horses' water with wetleek sap, which allows her and William Ann to track them by their urine, which is bioluminescent under the light of Abraham's Fire.

Not long after leaving Silence's waystop, Chesterton and his men bed down for the night.[1] Drugged as they are he and his men fall into a deep sleep. Silence and and William Ann find them, and dispatch almost all of them before Chesterton wakes and attempts to escape. Silence and her daughter successfully kill him with a hammer while keeping any blood they shed covered with a bag.

Fight for Chesterton's Corpse[edit]

Red Young and his men stop Silence and William Ann on their way home with Chesterton's body, and take it off of them for the reward.[1] Silence contrives a booby trap to cause an explosion, which allow them to escape with the body. However, when Red Young catches up with them, Silence and her daughter are forced to leave the body behind. Theopolis successfully retrieves the body and places it in his hideout, where Silence recovers it after his death. She creates the story that Theopolis was the White Fox and turns Chesterton's body in for the bounty.


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