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Red Young

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Red Young
Died [1]
Abilities Cognitive Shadow
Species Shade
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence

Red Young is a bounty hunter from the forts on Threnody.[1]

Theopolis sent him and his group of bounty hunters to follow Silence Montane and to take the corpse of Chesterton Divide from her after she killed him. To avoid a fight, Silence allowed them to do so, and then pursued them and set a trap with her grandmother's firestarter to get the corpse back.[1] The Shades are drawn to the fire and kill all of the bounty hunters except Red, who then intercepts Silence and William Ann Montane, and takes the latter hostage in exchange for the body of Chesterton Divide. Before he can leave, Theopolis shoots him in the shoulder with a padded crossbow bolt, causing his knife to draw blood from William Ann and draw the attention of the Shades. As he attempts his escape, he shoves William Ann through a Shade, then runs and is killed by the Shades.[1]


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