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Region Forests of Hell
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell

Lastport is a city on Threnody, one of the Fortress Towns near the Forests of Hell.[1]

Lastport is the most powerful city on its continent.[1] Daggon notes that Lastport resident Lamentation Winebare has a squeaky, noticeable accent.[1]

As a Fortress Town (or "fort"), it is one of the few areas on the continent where people can live without constant fear of attack by shades.[1] The residents of the forts dress fashionably and consider themselves "civilized" compared to the homesteaders that live in the Forests.[1]

Theopolis has connections in Lastport and travels there when he needs to collect bounties in the name of the White Fox (Silence Montane). Prices of silver are on the rise in both Lastport and Bastion Hill.[1]

The governor of Lastport was murdered under unknown circumstances by highwayman Chesterton Divide. The city of Lastport offered an enormous bounty for Chesterton, calling him an anarchist, psychopath, and menace; when Chesterton visits Silence's waystop she immediately plans to kill him and his gang, believing that the proceeds will fund her operations for at least a year.[1]

The elite of Lastport have begun to worry about Silence's waystop being owned by someone they did not know, as it was such a crucial waystop.[1]


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