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Lamentation Winebare

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Lamentation Winebare
Aliases Earnest
Profession Horse Thief
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence

Lamentation Winebare is a horse thief in the Forests of Hell on Threnody.[1]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Lamentation has a long and slender neck and a potato-shaped head.[1]

He speaks with a Lastport accent, and is a very jumpy, sweaty, and nervous person, most likely due to his past crimes as a horse thief.[1]


At some point in the past, Lamentation steals some horses, earning him a tiny bounty of two measures of silver.[1]

Later, under the name of Earnest, he speaks to Daggon in Silence's waystop about the White Fox.[1] Lamentation buys Daggon drinks to get him to tell stories about the White Fox, such as how he caught Makepeace Hapshire. Daggon assures him that the White Fox would not go after such a petty criminal as Lamentation.

Some time after Silence's capture of Chesterton Divide, Lamentation takes work on a homestead.[1] However, he pays to spend each night in Silence's waystop because he cannot get used to how the homesteaders allow shades to float around the homestead, and even inside the buildings.

Lamentation has a cousin who claims to have seen the shade of Silence's husband guarding her waystop. [1]


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