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World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell

Glowpaste is a fluorescent substance found on Threnody.[1]

As kindling a fire would immediately enrage the ever-present shades, and a fire that goes out therefore cannot be easily replaced, fire is not typically used for illumination in the Forests of Hell.[1] The inhabitants of the Forests rely instead on glowpaste, a liquid that, once mixed, provides a dim, but steady, pale green or blue light. Glowpaste is often placed in glass jars that are tied to poles, serving as lanterns. When the user wants the light extinguished, they simply cover the jar with a black covering. Glowpaste can make shades glow in its light.

There are two variants of glowpaste.[1] The more common type glows green and is far brighter than the blue variant, which is known as Abraham's Fire. The latter has an added benefit, though, in that its light makes wetleek sap glow in the dark.

Silence Montane makes use of glowpaste when hunting bounties, both to light her way and to follow the trail of urine left behind by horses that have drunk wetleek sap mixed with water.[1]


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