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Relatives Wilson, Doris, Stanley, Bailey
Profession Butler
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion

Barb is Wilson's grandniece and Stephen Leeds' new butler.[1]

Barb is a young woman with short blonde hair. Stephen thinks she looks awkward wearing coachman's gear.[2] Barb is a upbeat person who truly wishes to be of help to Stephen, but Stephen repeatedly rejects her help.[1][3]

Barb is a competent butler and chauffeur, but is new to Stephen and his aspects, so isn't the best at working around them as Wilson does.[4] She is able to make lemonade using Wilson's recipe.[1]

She shadowed Wilson buttling for some time before he left Stephen on his seventieth birthday.[2] As Stephen's new butler, she drove him to the fairground and operated Razon's camera for him.[5] She drove him to WODE and attempted to help him infiltrate, but Stephen rebuffed her offers of help.[3] She returned after Stephen finished his infiltration to pick him up and drive him to Wilson's birthday party.[6]


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