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Balubal Razon
Died Murdered[1]
Profession Inventor
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion

A man seeking to meld science and faith, the first person—perhaps in the history of mankind—to actually find a way to apply science to the ultimate truths of religion.

Tobias speaking about Balubal Razon[2]

Balubal Razon is an inventor on Earth.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is abrasive, argumentative, and very protective when it comes to his equipment.[4] His parents were both ethnically Filipino, but he is a second-generation American. He is both a scientist and a deeply religious Catholic.[3]


He went to the University of Maine and received a PhD in physics, without honors. He invented a camera that could take pictures of the past. He convinced Azari Laboratories to fund the development of a prototype. After eighteen months, he finally developed a working prototype, which he promptly stole.[3]

He took the camera to Israel to fulfill his goal: learning the truth about Christianity and the resurrection. He was kidnapped by Salic, a member of the terrorist organization Abu Sayyaf, who wanted to use the device to disprove Christianity, thus destabilizing the region.[1] The terrorists originally pretended to be Christian fundamentalists to gain his trust, but imprisoned and tortured him after he discovered their true identities. He chose to die rather than give up the secrets of the camera.[1]


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