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Skills Forensic investigation
Groups Aspect
Homeworld Earth (Legion)

Ngozi is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.

She's a tall Nigerian woman and a forensic investigator.[1] She had been educated at Oxford university and had a phobia of germs.[2]

Stephen didn't take her along to the coroner, but ended up video conferencing her, much to Stephens surprise, as he didn't know he could do that.[2] This was necessary, as not only was she not present at the time, but she also takes a lot of time to get out of the house, as with her phobia she believes that going outside without proper equipment (i.e. a hazmat suit) is very dangerous. This is, of course, ignoring the fact that as she is simply a hallucination, she cannot be effected by the germs in question unless Stephen imagines it happening.

After Armando's death, Ngozi saw the blood in the room and backed away to get some fresh air. Ivy comforted her and helped her to calm down. Stephen then asked her to go with him to the fairgrounds to investigate the possible crime scene. [3] She came through the crowd and Stephen was very proud of her. She investigated the scene where the GPS coordinates led. She noticed that the same man was buying from the hot dog vendor in a lot of the pictures they took of the scene with Razon's camera.[4] When Armando killed Tobias Ngozi knelt by his body and tried to bandage him getting her arms bloody and likely freaking her out because of her phobia.[5] She helped Stephen sneak into Walters and Ostman Detention Enterprises and she wanted to use the air ducts multiple times.[6] Ngozi died when the mob scene virtual reality was enacted with a bullet to her forehead.[7]


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