Innovation Information Incorporated

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Innovation Information Incorporated
Usage Business
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion: Skin Deep

Innovation Information Incorporated, often shortened to I3, is a tech firm owned by Yol Chay, although Stephen Leeds owns shares in the company.

A member of this corporation, Panos, who researches into biochemistry, specificly DNA and encoding extra information into a person's DNA, dies with all research downloaded only into his body, causing Yol to hire Stephen to recover the body.[1]

The buildings are mentioned as being very 'creative-friendly,' with brightly coloured walls, beanbag seats, arcade games, a free cafeteria and food stations, and even a tire swing. There are also lego bricks placed on the tables in conference rooms to give the engineers something to do with their hands during meetings. It is seen to be like a pre-school to some.[2]


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