Stephen Leeds

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Stephen Leeds
Abilities Aspects
Profession Private Investigator
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion

My name is Stephen Leeds, and I am perfectly sane. My hallucinations, however, are all quite mad.

— Stephen Leeds[1]

Stephen Leeds was an American on Earth.

He was a highly intelligent person, but was unable to function at such a level. His brain created Aspects, which were compartments of his brain as hallucinations. Only he can see them, and each is an expert on one, or possibly multiple, topics. The medical community, uncertain what to think of him, label him a schizophrenic. Many psychologists have tried to analyze and write papers about him. In Legion:Skin Deep, the writer for a tabloid sends someone with a sound recorder on a blind date with him. Stephen must learn the information he needs from these aspects, even though he already knows it. Normally, the aspects can't affect him at all physically, but J.C., an aspect who 'was' an ex-special forces, is able to somehow 'teach' Stephen how to roll out of a car the proper way.[2] Stephen is able to skim through a book, or listen to a tape, and though not focusing on it can create(unconsciously) another aspect with that knowledge. However, since Stephen is unable to learn from them without being close enough to physically learn from them as if they were human, he can be separated from them if an enemy knows how his mind works. Zen uses this to make Stephen lose them. She pretends that they are getting out of a car, and after Stephen lets his aspects go first, drive off.[3] However, this limitation is likely only a mental barrier, since once two of the aspects have a phone(also imaginary), they can call each other and relay information to Stephen.

Stephen has a large mansion, with one room for each aspect, since when they are uncomfortable or cramped bad things can happen involving nightmares and aspects disappearing. These bad things also can happen when Stephen's ability to maintain that the aspects are real breaks down, such as when a person throws an ice cream bar to an aspect. When Stephen sees this, the Popsicle appears to split in two, since he still sees the real one as well as the one that the aspect catches.[4] It is theorized that since each aspect has a mental disorder, if Stephen didn't have any aspects, he would have all these disorders, making it impossible for him to live in any way. When he cannot solve a problem and needs all of their help at once, he calls them into a large white room.

Stephen uses his abilities to solve cases as a private detective. He calls himself a specialist- one who specializes in many different areas. In Legion:Skin Deep, he is offered a job that will allow him complete financial independence, so that he no longer needs to take cases. Though he had not wanted to take the job previously, this gave him pause, showing that he does not enjoy this profession.


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