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Yol Chay
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion: Skin Deep

Yol Chay is the owner of the tech company Innovation Information Incorporated.[1] He hires Stephen Leeds to recover the corpse of Panos Maheras.[2]

Yol Chay is a Korean billionaire, with an estimated net worth of 1.2 billion dollars. He's also an amateur rapper and has released at least five albums, all of which were spectacular flops.[1] Yol Chay is known to be one of the few people to play along with Stephen's aspects, although he isn't very good at it.[3] However, he appears to have a certain animosity for J.C.; on one occasion, he refers to J.C. as a "spook" and donates a substantial amount of money to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in J.C.'s name. Yol Chay also dresses very extravagantly, which includes sunglasses with diamonds on them.[1]


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