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This page lists all of Brandon Sanderson's works, written or unwritten, that have not been published. Some of these are written novels that have been "trunked", some of which have been re-written or cannibalized from. Some are ideas Brandon has talked about briefly but it is unknown if they will ever actually be written. The remainder are forthcoming works that, while unwritten, will come out eventually.

A list of those works that have been published can be found in the Bibliography article.

Forthcoming Works[edit]

The Stormlight Archive
Books 3-5
Feature flashbacks from Szeth, Eshonai, and Dalinar.
Stormlight 3
Currently planned to be Dalinar's book. The working title is Oathbringer.[1] Originally planned to be Szeth's book where it was titled Stones Unhallowed.[2]
Books 6-10
Feature flashbacks from Taln, Renarin, Jasnah, Lift, and Shalash.[3] Will not be written until after the Mistborn Era 3 trilogy.[Citation needed]
Mistborn (series)
Mistborn Era 2[4][5]
The Lost Metal[6]
Mistborn Era 3 trilogy
The second in the planned set of three trilogies. Takes place in an urban setting with a 1980's technology level and is like a Cold War era spy thriller. To be written between Stormlight 5 and Stormlight 6.[7][6]
Mistborn Era 4 trilogy
Space Opera[4] Sanderson has confirmed Hoid to be a main character in this Era.[8]
White Sand graphic novels
A set of three graphic novels based on Brandon's seventh novel.[9][6] Set on Taldain.
The Apocalypse Guard 1-3
A follow-up of The Reckoners for Random House. Features a team that goes to alternate universes to prevent world-ending events.[10] Book 1 is scheduled to be written between Stormlight 3 and 4.[11]
The Rithmatist series
The Aztlanian (Rithmatist 2)[9][6]
The Nebraskian (Rithmatist 3)[Citation needed]
Alcatraz Bastille versus the Evil Librarians: The Worldspire
Sequel to The Dark Talent to be "written" by Bastille as Alcatraz refuses to continue writing.[12]
Dark One
YA Cosmere novel about the person who, instead of being the one destined to save the world, is the one destined to destroy it.[6] At the earliest it will be written after The Apocalypse Guard trilogy, Alcatraz 6, and The Aztlanian are all completed.[13]
A series of 7 books that will only be written after Stormlight Archive is completed.[14][7][15][6]
The Liar of Partinel/The Lightweaver of Rens
Hoid's origin story.[9][16] Not part of main Dragonsteel sequence.[17] Abandoned and may or may not be rewritten in this form.[18]
Elantris trilogy 2-3
Takes place ten years later with an all new cast.[19] Need to be written before the second, Modern, Mistborn trilogy. At the latest they will be written after Stormlight 5.[6]
Elantris sequel
Follows Kaise, Daorn, and Adien as ambassadors to Fjorden.[15][9]
Elantris finale
Sequel to Warbreaker.[9] Might be written after the Elantris sequels.[6]
The Silence Divine
A novella set on a planet in the Greater Roshar system, where diseases grant magical abilities.[9] Will be renamed.[6]
YA Cosmere novel. [9]
was The Lurker[6]. Planned as a sequence of six novellas, two of which will be written by other authors. Brandon wants to wait until all four of his novellas are written before finding co-authors. Only one episode has been written, but he has had a breakthrough in some visuals and worldbuilding. The second novella could be written at any time.[20]
Legion 3
A sequel to Legion 2, no plans or outlines have been made yet[6] Will be the final Legion novella.[11]
Death By Pizza
A novel featuring a necromancer pizza deliveryman.[9] On hiatus.[11]
Aether of Night
Brandon's tenth novel, various elements have been cannibalized for other works (such as Decay becoming Ruin). No longer seems to be trunked.[11]
A space opera/fantasy hybrid.[11]
untitled Threnody story
A novel set on Threnody has been part of Brandon's plan for the cosmere since before he was published. Originally planned to be the story of the people who fled to the Forests of Hell after the Evil destroyed their Homeland. He has recently considered changing the story to that of an expedition being sent back to the Homeland.[20]
untitled Silverlight story
a novella set in Silverlight[20]

Potential Works[edit]

These are projects that Brandon has mentioned as possibilities but there are no firm plans in place.

Parallel Mistborn novel from Hoid's perspective
Like Back to the Future Part II.[21]
1940's Mistborn
Potentially more short adventures set before Era 3.[6]
Near-future Cyberpunk Mistborn
Potentially more adventures set between Era 3 and 4.[22]
Mulholland Homebrew's Sinister Shop of Secret Pets
Middle grade/YA humor, about a girl who accidentally apprentices herself to a guy who runs a fantasy pet shop.[23]
Zeek Harbringer, Destroyer of Worlds
Middle grade scifi humor, potentially a follow-up to the Alcatraz series.[24] About a young man who whenever he visits a planet, the planet blows up shortly after for various reasons (such as a nuclear catastrophe). Each book would be set on a different world and tell the story of how it blows up.[23]
The King's Necromancer[7]
Standalone Mizzy book
Sequel to the Reckoners.[20]
The Eyes
A space opera novella inspired by Fermi's Paradox.[20]

"Trunked" Novels[edit]

These are works that are unlikely to ever be published either because elements have been co-opted for use in other books (as with Mythwalker and Aether of Night) or because the book has been re-written from scratch (as with White Sand Prime and The Way of Kings Prime).

White Sand Prime
Brandon's first novel, later re-written as White Sand (prose).[24]
Star's End
Brandon's second novel, a short alien-relations/sci-fi story.[24]
Lord Mastrell
Brandon's third novel, a sequel to White Sand Prime.[24]
Knight Life
Brandon's fourth novel, a fantasy comedy.[24]
The Sixth Incarnation of Pandora
Brandon's fifth novel, a far future scifi involving immortal warriors[25]
Dragonsteel Prime
Brandon's seventh novel, served as his Master's thesis. Planned to be re-written,
White Sand (prose)
Brandon's eighth novel, a complete rewrite of the first. This later served as the basis for his graphic novels. This is the novel that got Brandon his agent.[Citation needed]
Brandon's ninth novel, a book that included the characters Vivenna and Siri [24]
Mistborn Prime
Brandon's eleventh novel, elements were later combined with Final Empire Prime for Mistborn: The Final Empire.
Final Empire Prime
Brandon's twelfth novel, elements were later combined with Mistborn Prime for Mistborn: The Final Empire.
The Way of Kings Prime
Brandon's thirteenth novel, later re-written as The Way of Kings.


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