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Perfect State
Perfect State Cover Art.jpg
by J. P. Targete
Setting Standalone
Released March 31, 2015
Publisher Dragonsteel Entertainment
Word Count 17,348

Perfect State is a non-cosmere novella by Brandon Sanderson.[1][2] Its excerpt can be found on Brandon's website


God-Emperor Kairominas is lord of all he surveys. He has defeated all foes, has united the entire world beneath his rule, and has mastered the arcane arts. He spends his time sparring with his nemesis, who keeps trying to invade Kai's world.

Except for today. Today, Kai has to go on a date.

Forces have conspired to require him to meet with his equal—a woman from another world who has achieved just as much as he has. What happens when the most important man in the world is forced to have dinner with the most important woman in the world?


Main Characters[edit]

The ruling Liveborn of fantastical State of Alornia, capable of a magic known as Lancing in his State.
A Liveborn ruler of an unknown State, sent out to become Kai's date. Later, we discover that Sophie is a robot sent by Melhi.
A hacker and the enemy of Kai; Melhi was offended after he refused to fight her. She has since been hacking into his security and sending robots to his State. The unreleased epilogue reveals that Melhi's original name is Sophie
A Machineborn knight, and Kai's closest friend. The two of them fought many battles in the past together.
Another Machineborn, Besk is Kai's advisor, and the two of them can talk telepathically.


Brandon wrote the original draft of Perfect State in the summer of 2011. It went through his writing group during the late fall of 2012. Brandon then sat on it because there was something wrong with it but he could not tell what it was.[3] In December 2014 he revisited the story, revising it and expanding it over the course of a week.[4]

Perfect State will be bundled together with Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell in a hardcover edition for the 2015 Con Exclusive.[5]

Cover Gallery[edit]


  • Fantasy Stabby Award for Best Short Fiction of 2015.[6]


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