The Dark Talent

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<The Dark Talent>
Dark Talent US Hardcover.jpg
Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians (series)
Follows The Shattered Lens
Precedes Bastille Versus the Evil Librarians
Released September 6, 2016
Publisher Tor books
ISBN ISBN 978-0-7653-8140-8

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians: The Dark Talent is the final book of the five-part series of books (Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians) that were written by Alcatraz.[1][2] It was released on September 6, 2016. There will be another book in the same series that will be written by Bastille called Bastille Versus the Evil Librarians.[3]

Cover Blurb[edit]

Alcatraz Smedry has successfully defeated the army of Evil Librarians and saved the kingdom of Mokia. Too bad he managed to break the Smedry Talents in the process. Even worse, his father is trying to enact a scheme that could ruin the world, and his friend, Bastille, is in a coma. To revive her, Alcatraz must infiltrate the Highbrary–known as The Library of Congress to Hushlanders–the seat of Evil Librarian power. Without his Talent to draw upon, can Alcatraz figure out a way to save Bastille and defeat the Evil Librarians once and for all?



Behind the Scenes[edit]

Brandon had always claimed that the Alcatraz series was to consist of five books, and that the original publisher, Scholastic, had only bought the first four. Since Scholastic would not contract the fifth book, Brandon bought back the rights in early 2013.[1] He later re-sold the series, including book 5, to Tor.[5]

In reality, there was always a sixth book planned. Tor was one of the publishers willing to promote the five-book series with the grand reveal at the end: that there would actually be a sixth book, written from another character's perspective. The idea was that Alcatraz would end his narrative with his failure, but the sixth book would confirm to the readers that he was indeed a hero.[6]

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