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Mainframe LLC is an entertainment and production company founded by Brandon Sanderson and Max Epstein.[1][2]

The main goal of Mainframe, then, is to take ideas I have that I (so far) haven’t been able to do anything with, or to take stories I want to see done more as a television show, then try to make audio-drama-style expansions to them.

—Brandon Sanderson[2]

Mainframe is focused on the production of spoken word entertainment, including audio original novellas, novels, and dramas. Recorded Books was a launch partner of the company's. Most of Mainframe's works will also be printed in a prose format.[2]

Brandon and Max founded the company after realizing how difficult it can be to get projects completed in the film/television space, leaving some of Brandon's ideas unused. He partnered with Max, who has experience in Hollywood, to create their own company where they could produce original works and also extend the universe of some of Brandon's existing series. Brandon's work in this area may lead to a full-fledged film production company in the future.[2]


All of Mainframe's projects to date have had Brandon's involvement, but he has collaborated with several other authors.

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