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Abilities Epic
Residence Lux
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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A life of luxury does that to a man. Robs him of his musculature, personal responsibility, and any desire whatsoever to do things for himself.


Languish is a High Epic that lives in Lux. His power disables the powers of other Epics, which he uses to prevent competing Epics from attacking the city. He also has the ability to detect and disable motivators.[2] His real name is Asher Vidales.[3]


Early Life[edit]

Languish and Lifeforce used to work at Target together before Calamity, and were good friends. Vera, who was good friends with both of them, started dating with Lifeforce, and she eventually broke up with him. After they both became Epics and Lifeforce got his revenge on Vera, Languish joined up with his friend. Languish served Lifeforce, ensuring that no Epic could challenge him. Lifeforce began taking some of Languish’s blood to give himself the power to dampen other powers, and Languish tried to rebel against Lifeforce. When he tried to dampen him however, it seemed to not work, and Languish deduced that there was too much of his own blood inside Lifeforce.[4] After that he didn’t try to rebel again, and served Lifeforce faithfully, and was kept under heavy guard for his own protection.[5]

Infiltration of Lux[edit]

During the Lux infiltration, the assassination attempt on Lifeforce was foiled by Languish, when Languish was able to dampen the mitosis motivator that Jax used. A few days later, Lanugish was kidnapped by the Reckoners and brought to their safe house. Languish remained calm and civil, and told them both his own past and that of Lifeforce. After he gets a message from Lifeforce telling him to come back or face consequences, Languish used Jax’s shockwave motivator to break down the wall and escape, and was confronted by Wingflare. Wingflare called him a traitor, then grabbed Languish in her powers and held him immobile. Languish, tired of being a slave to “more powerful” Epics, dampened Wingflare’s powers, causing Lux to shake. Jax punched Languish hard in the face, causing his focus to waver and letting Wingflare escape.[6][7]

Afterward, Languish hid at his house at his lakefront property, and began packing his things. He planned to leave Lux, deciding that he no longer had any allies in the city any more. The Reckoners arrived and stopped him from leaving. Languish stayed with the Reckoners for a while, and was the one who finally figured out how Hershel lost his leg. Soon after, Cloudbreaker summons the frost. Languish leaves, and Jax lets him go. Later, during an intense firefight, Languish joins back up with the Reckoners, deciding that he’s safest with them. He joins them on their final assault on Lifeforce’s palace, agreeing to help if they help him save Vera.[8]

Languish sneaks them into the palace via a hidden entrance, and they find and free Vera. Jax wanted to kill Vera after reckognizing her as Lovestruck, but both Paige and Languish convinced him to let her go. Lanuish, Paige, and Jax confront Lifeforce, and Languish begins using his powers to dampen Lifeforce. Dampening Lifeforce caused an old wound to kill Languish, and Languish died before he could finish the job.


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