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Abigail by Potato-sunrise.jpg
Died Killed by Lifeforce during the infiltration of Lux[1]
Groups Reckoners
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

She was like a mother to our dwindling team. She took care of us, mended our injuries, nursed us back to health, hugged us, bolstered our confidence.


Abigail Casey is a Reckoner. She is often in command of operations within the Texas Reckoners, and looks out for her team.[3] She dies at Lifeforce’s hands during the infiltration of Lux.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She looked like a young grandmother mixed with a chainsaw, but the closer she drew, the more I could see the gentleness in her eyes as well.


Abigail wears practical clothing, often a black tank top, cargo pants, and black boots. She’s fairly old, slightly older than Zeff. Despite her age, she is well muscled and fit. She has a multitude of scars that show her years of combat experience.[4] Despite her tough appearance, she is still kind and protective of her fellow Reckoners. She is a strong and competent leader, and doesn’t like taking unnecessary risks.[3]


Early Life[edit]

If I could have one day to do anything at all, I’d do her treasure hunt. I’d find that rock and never let go.


Abigail used to be in finance in her old town of Dallas, and her job kept her busy. Her young daughter, Sophie, always wanted her to go on treasure hunts with her, but Abigail often ignored her because of her job. When the Epics came into the town, Sophie was killed on the way home from school.[5]


Abigail was in command of the operation in the city of Arlington where Lux attacked. One of the Reckoners was injured, and when a squad was sent to rescue them, it went wrong and the operation broke into chaos. Because the Ravens couldn’t be killed, Abigail’s team was quickly overwhelmed, and by the time Lux left, most of the Texas Reckoners were dead. Jax gave her the news that Zeff was dead, and she in turn had to tell him of Paige’s death. Abigail and the other Reckoners decided to keep fighting, despite their low numbers.[6][7]


Jax, there aren’t many of us left. This fight against the Epics, its taken nearly all of us with it. We need to be careful. We can’t afford to lose anymore.


Abigail and the other Texas Reckoners laid a trap for Lifeforce in Galveston. When Lifeforce didn’t come, Jax wanted to go after Wingflare instead. Abigail ordered the team to abort, but Jax disobeyed his orders, going after Wingflare anyway and badly injuring Briggen in the process. Abigail was angry at Jax for disobeying orders and causing Briggen's horrific scarring.[3][8]

Infiltration of Lux[edit]

Abigail was part in the infiltration of Lux, in which they snuck into the city and discovered that Paige was alive. With Paige’s help and position as a Raven, Abigail and the others were able to make it into Lifeforce’s palace for the assassination. They were betrayed by Briggen, who turned them over for wealth and luxury. After they were captured, Lifeforce locked her a green tube along with the other Reckoners. Lifeforce shot himself in the head, and his powers transferred the wound to Abigail, killing her.[1]



Abigail is in a relationship with Zeff, and the two are quite close. Abigail is the only one who can bring out Zeff’s soft side, and his gruff demeanor completely changes around her.[4]


  • Her favorite color of crayon is called razzmatazz.[3]


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