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World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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All this...for me? So close, and yet all for nothing.

Galveston is an island city on the coast of Texas that is attacked by Lux. The Texas Reckoners set a trap for Lifeforce there, but Lifeforce did not make an appearance, staying up in the floating city of Lux. Wingflare was there instead, and Jax disobeyed orders and attacked her. Hershel used drones to detonate a series of explosions on the underside of Lux. The underside of the floating city cracked apart, distracting Wingflare as she held the city together. Jax attacked Wingflare with his sword, not able to kill her but succeeding in snatching some of her hair for its Epic DNA.

Lux’s attack caused considerable to the city, and shrapnel from explosions severely wounded Briggen. After the battle, both the Reckoners and Lux withdrew.[1]


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