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Type Sword
Owner Jax
World of Origin Earth (Reckoners)
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There were certainly swords better suited for combat out there, but none of them held the same personal significance as this one.


Shiloh is a sword used by Jax. It is a sword from the U.S. Civil War, presumably a Model 1832 foot artillery sword. It is 25 inches long, double edged, has a 4 inch crossguard, and has a hilt made of solid brass.[1]

Shiloh was originally owned by Dan, but Jax took it with him when he joined the Reckoners after Dan died.[2] When Jax arrived at the Coop, Shiloh was taken from him by Zeff, who said that the sword would be returned once Jax could actually use it.[3] After Jax became skilled with practice swords and eventually struck back at Zeff, Zeff gave Shiloh back to him.[4]

During the infiltration of Lux, Jax uses Shiloh to try to kill Lifeforce after the original plan fails. Lifeforce uses the stolen power of the Epic Shiversting to shatter the sword, and the pieces are later sent to Parik’s lab.[5] When the Reckoners pass through the lab while retrieving their things, Paige collects the broken shards of the sword. Once at a safe house, Paige welds the pieces back together, repairing the blade and giving it to Jax as a suprise gift. That is when Jax decides on Shiloh’s name.[6] During their final confrontation with Lifeforce, Jax realizes that his weakness is silver and loops Dan’s silver ring onto Shiloh, then uses the boomerang watch to stab Shiloh into Lifeforce, killing him.[7]


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