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Wade by Potato-sunrise.jpg
Groups Reckoners
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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Whatever happened to that kid in the bunker? You know, the skinny one with all the twinkies? It doesn’t even make sense. Sparking grasshopper of a kid and all he does is eat twinkies all day?


Wade is a Reckoner, part of the Texas cell. He takes part in the invasion of Lux alongside Jax. He has primarily computer-focused skills, which he uses to hack into Lux’s security systems. He doesn’t have much training, and isn’t very useful in a fight.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Wade still wore his classic dopey grin, as if we were all playing cards instead of preparing for an assassination.


Wade has a peppy, cheerful attitude, and is easy going and lax. He loves video games, and occasionally brags about his skill.[3]


Early Years[edit]

Prior to being invited to join the Reckoners, Wade stayed in his bunker for a few years, often passing the time by playing video games. At some point, an Epic named Electrodyne caused all of his video games to be deleted from his computer, though Wade was able to find copies of most of them.[4] He often petitioned the Reckoners, asking to join their ranks, but was always denied.[1]

Joining the Reckoners[edit]

We don’t need another soldier. We need a nerd.


After the disaster at Arlington, the surviving Texas Reckoners needed a tech expert to help with the eventual infiltration of Lux. They remembered Wade, and invited him to join them. He showed up at the Coop, but had absolutely no combat training. Jax trained him in the basics, and they also worked on motivators a bit together.[1] Wade later takes part in the trap in Galveston, and is with Briggen when he gets his face mangled by shrapnel.[5] Though the other Reckoners, especially Hershel, are originally annoyed by him, he earns their favor after he hacks into a pizza order and brings them several pizzas.[4]

Infiltration of Lux[edit]

Wade was part of the team that infiltrated team. When the team climbed the ladders into Lux, Hershel made Wade go first, so that he could set the pace that all of them could follow. During the operation to attach the Wingflare motivator to the power grid, Wade worked to give advance warning when Ravens came. When Briggen betrayed them, Wade was captured by Lifeforce along with his fellow Reckoners. Jax broke them out soon after, and Wade hacked into the palace security to find out where Ravens were patrolling. He used that to design an algorithm that got them safely to Parik’s lab without being seen.[6] Once inside the lab, Wade hacked into the drawer system, opening the drawers that Jax requested.[3]

Through all the other operations, Wade served as the team’s tech expert. He helped them kidnap Lanugish, and was responsible for getting them into the palace for the eventual killing of Lifeforce. When Jax, Languish, and Paige went into the palace to confront Lifeforce, Wade and Hershel stayed behind to assault the main gates as a distraction.[7]


After Lifeforce’s death and Lux drifted into the bay, Wade and the others found an abandoned ice cream shop, which still contained some sherbet. After feasting on the sherbet, they took the unconscious Paige to Louisiana to see Doc Slush.[8]


  • Wade has an extreme fondness for both Twinkies and sherbet.[1]


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