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Groups Reckoners
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Cody is a member of the Reckoners.[1]

I fight because I was a cop, and I took an oath.

— Cody explaining to David his reasons for being a Reckoner.[2]

He is a wiry man in his early forties[3] with a distinctive Southern accent, often wears camouflage,[4] and does not have a specific role within the Reckoners -- instead, he does odd jobs and 'fills in the gaps with mayonnaise', as he puts it.[5] He was a policeman in Nashville before it was annexed by the Coven.[6] He is from the South, although his family is from Scotland. He has never been to Scotland, but uses Scottish slang and terminology anyway, despite his having a definite Southern accent.

He is fond of making absurd claims about topics such as his own past accomplishments, Scottish culture and history, and the "wee daemons" who allegedly power mobile phones and other technology. The extent to which he believes his own stories is ambiguous, although Prof suspected that he only did it to see how people would react. He also adds other commentaries on the Irish and Australian cultures, but not as often as the Scottish mythology.[7]


  • Sanderson's inspiration for Cody's habit of making up stories about his various ancestral cultures came from a conversation he had with a fan from the Southern United States regarding the correct use of "y'all". This fan told Sanderson that "y'all" is commonly used when addressing only one person, which contradicted what Sanderson had heard previously and led him to wonder if the fan was pulling his leg.[8]
  • In the rulebook for the Reckoners board game, Cody's surname is given as Arlington.


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