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The Reckoners (board game)
Reckoners Board Game cover.jpg
Setting Earth (Reckoners), Newcago
Released October 2018
Publisher Nauvoo Games

The Reckoners is a board game created by Nauvoo Games, based on the setting and characters from The Reckoners books. The game is played cooperatively by up to six players who take on the roles of the various members of the Reckoners. Their overall goal is to discover the weakness of Steelheart and assassinate him, but there are also other Epics present in the game who must be dealt with.[1]

Players must defeat Steelheart and other ruthless ‘Epics’ – the equivalent of supervillains – that each have unique, game-impacting abilities. Players must cooperate and decide how to resolve these competing priorities to eliminate Epics, save Newcago, and ultimately win the game. How, when, and where players act will determine victory or failure.

—Nauvoo Games[1]

An expansion, Steelslayer, has been announced, and began its Kickstarter campaign on September 10th, 2020; it will feature two new "boss" epics, Regalia and Limelight, as well as two new settings, Babilar and Ildithia.[2][3]


Some of the in-game artwork has been released online.


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