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The Epics are a group of magical beings on Earth. They start appearing around the same time as the satellite Calamity. Every Epic has a weakness that invalidates their powers. When Epics gain their powers, they go through a period called the Rending, where they feel an overwhelming urge to destroy. [1] When Epics die, mitochondrial mutation occurs in their bodies.[citation needed] When an Epic uses their powers, it corrupts them and turns them evil unless they can overcome their greatest fear.

High Epics[edit]

High Epics are Epics that have a prime invincibility. A prime invincibility is a power that makes conventional assassination methods useless. Some examples are regeneration, impervious skin, precognition, and self-reincarnation.

Known High Epics[edit]

Absence was an Epic killed by the Reckoners a year before Steelheart, the book. [2]
Calling War
The Reckoners attempted to kill Calling War, but failed and barely managed to escape using tensors.
Classified as High Epic due to his ability to warp air around him in a way which caused anything such as a spear or bullet to not go around him, but through him, without there being actual impact.
Daystorm was trapped and killed by the Reckoners.
Earless was killed by the Reckoners.
Firefight is a member of Steelheart's elite three and his bodyguard. He is supposed to be a Fire Epic. David figured out that he is actually an illusion created by the real "Firefight" whose power is later revealed to actually be bringing different realities into the one he is in. i.e., Firefight being a fire-based Epic in a different dimension, and the Firefight in the book bringing a shadow of that alternate reality into his own dimension. Firefight was revealed to be Megan Tarash. She has reincarnation powers. Her weakness is fire, meaning if she is killed by fire, she will not reincarnate.
Fortuity has precognition powers. He can sense the future and danger. He also has secondary superhuman reflexes and dexterity. He was a moderately high-ranking Epic. He had a long face and hawkish nose. His weakness is that his danger sense is weakened in the presence of those he is attracted to. He was killed by Megan,who shot him at both sides of Fortuity while he was in the air.
Gyro was killed by the Reckoners.
Ides Hatred
Ides Hatred went to Newcago to challenge Steelheart. They destroyed an entire city block in the battle. Steelheart was victorious.
Lightning is a Epic in Snowfall's band in Sacramento. He was also a possible planned target of the Reckoners.
Mitosis, or Lawrence Robert, was able to make exact copies of himself. He split into two, each clone able to replicate itself. There is not a known limit of how many copies of himself he could make. If any copies of Mitosis exist, then he can still live. All the clones are connected and if one is killed they all know it. They can't share memories until they recombine. It was thought that the more copies that were made, the dumber they would get. That was proved false. When a copy was killed, the corpses decomposed into goo. The more clones that were created, the weaker their molecular structure holds together. Music from his old band, Weaponized Cupcakes, was his weakness and caused his copies to disintegrate. As of now, his power is assumed to be unique by the Reckoners. Mitosis came from Babylon Restored, while Prof and Cody had been in Babilar, a part of Babylon Restored, to find David and learn how Steelheart was killed. He was, before Calamity, part of an old rock group, Weaponized Cupcakes.
Serves Regalia. Has a secondary power of increased speed. Unknown if she has a primary power, or if increased speed is her only one (which would make it her primary ability). Primary invincibility granted by protective fields which reflect any impact with equal force. As shown, this ability could also be used in a way that increased speed of transport, as when she jumps from building to building, the field bounces her back up, allowing for facilitated transport.
Night's Sorrow
Considered to be as feared as Steelheart and Obliteration.
Nightwielder is a member of Steelheart's elite three. Nightwielder causes perpetual darkness. He is a physically shadowy figure with an incorporeal form. He can move through solid objects and control darkness. He is immune to gunfire or any type of weapon. He can control the mist of darkness he creates and solidify it. UV waves weaken him and make him corporeal. He has Asian features and black shoulder-length hair. The smell of phosphorus is a sign of him using his powers. He rarely speaks during business interactions.
Serves Regalia. Obliteration is a high epic described as wearing a long, black trench coat, spectacles, and having a goatee. Obliteration's primary power is absorbing heat from sunlight or objects (living or inanimate.) He then stores this heat and is able to release it in a powerful burst. An example of him using this power is when he reportedly sat bare chested in the middle of the city of Houston for several days storing energy. He then proceeded to destroy the entire city by releasing all the heat at once in a single burst. A secondary power is enhanced strength. His primary invincibility is danger sense combined with teleportation. Frequently recites scripture, considering himself one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Unknown weakness.
Jonathan Phaedrus, otherwise known as Prof, was revealed to be an Epic in Steelheart. He has two defensive abilities, both of which alone would classify him as High Epic. The first ability is regeneration, which allows rapid healing of any wound. The second defensive ability is forcefields, which can be formed at seemingly any size, and could have size regulated once already formed. The forcefields are impenetrable to anything, and can also be used to fly when stood on. His final ability is an offensive power, which allows him to dissolve and tunnel into solid objects. Prof is a Gifter Epic, and as a result can lend his abilities to Reckoners, which he disguises as technologies which he has created. Also known as Limelight.
Redleaf was an Epic in Canada who was killed by the Reckoners when Prof jumped from a helicopter and shot him.
Shadowblight was killed by the Reckoners.
Real name was Emiline Bask. Killed by the Reckoners after she was sent to Newcago by Regalia in an attempt to draw Prof to Babylon Restored. Had the ability to control electricity. Surrounded by an aura of electricity which dissolved any bullet that would under other circumstances impact.
Steelheart is described as having an inhumanly large and strong chest. He was nearly seven feet tall with jet-black hair. He is impervious to bullets and other weapons. He can release yellow-white energy from his hand that vaporizes any object, animate or inanimate, it strikes. When he is angry, he can transform inanimate things around him into steel. This does not affect living things. He has incredible strength, can command the winds, and fly with perfect control. He has a perfect memory. His weakness was that he could only be killed by someone who didn't fear him.
Strongtower shows an ability like one Steelheart has.

Lesser Epics[edit]

Any Epic who does not have Prime Invincibility is considered a Lesser Epic, although the term is not used in the books.

Known Lesser Epics[edit]

Conflux is a member of Steelheart's elite three. Very little was known about Conflux. He was supposed to run Enforcement. He is a "gifter" or a transference Epic. He can give two of his powers to others. He isn't known to have any immortality powers. One of his powers is that he can create enormous stores of energy from his body. Conflux is used to power Newcago's electricity. His real name is Edmund Sense. He is an old Indian man. He was held captive by Steelheart to use his powers to power the city. He was used as a battery. He was first captured by an Epic named Bastion a month after Conflux's change. He was sold to an Epic named Insulation next. He accidentally killed his wife while trying to power the microwave.
Dawnslight is an Epic in the city of Babilar who feeds the people by making fruits grow faster. He also caused the spraypaint in the city to glow and radios to run without batteries. In reality, Dawnslight is a permanently bedridden invalid. While very young, and before obtaining his powers, he fell into a life-long coma.
Deathpoint is a known Epic that was killed by David's father on the Day of Annexation. He had the ability to disintegrate living things by pointing at them, though their bones where always left unharmed. Worn items (like a holstered gun or a swaddling blanket) also appear to be unaffected. He was tall and lean, but solid. He was muscled and toned in a way that could be seen through his clothes. He is also speculated to have a second ability, one that was never shown, but appears to require physical contact and can be assumed to be more powerful than his first, as he attempts to use it on Steelheart despite his first being ineffective.
Donny "Curveball" Harrison
Donny was a minor epic with the single power of being able to never run out of bullets while firing a handgun.
Faultline had the power to move the earth. She worked for Steelheart, but later rebelled against him, lost, and was murdered. She had two second-tier abilities--moving softer earth and turning earth and stone into sand--which combined into her first-tier ability to create apparent earthquakes with great control. She would soften the ground and then pulling that earth back to form a crack in the earth. She was powerful, but fragile. While her first-tier power classifies her as a first-tier Epic under Tia's system, her lack of a Prime Invincibility excludes her from the list of High Epics.[3]
Knoxx is a lesser Epic created by Regalia and Calamity. He was stated to have not had powers for years after Calamity rose up, and seemed to have recently obtained his powers in the book Firefight. He is a minor Transformation Epic, with his known transformations being a pigeon and a large black dog.
Refractionary is a class C illusionist Epic with class B personal invisibility powers. She skilled and able to create pretty complex visual manifestations. She is not very powerful and her illusions usually shimmer as if light is reflecting off of them. Her weakness is smoke. Megan shot her when David called Refractionary's mobile, causing her to vibrate.
With majestic water manipulation abilities, Regalia rules New York. She is featured in Firefight. Although extremely powerful, Regalia is not considered a High Epic as her powers do not actively protect her from harm.[4]
Puños de Fuego
Puños is said to have enhanced strength and durability. Val killed him by shooting him with a damaged tank before the events of the Steelheart series. It is mentioned that although he has increased durability, he is not a High Epic and can be killed by any powerful means (such as a tank).
The Wooden Soul
An animator epic capable of controlling marionettes with her mind. She presumably lived in Northern India and was killed ten years before the events of Calamity.

Epics of Unknown Status[edit]

The Coven
The Coven is a group of six Epics who rule in the South. Two of them are twins.
German Epic
An Epic in Germany who could only be hurt by someone who was thirty-seven years old exactly.
Crossmark is an Epic in Mexico who can only be hurt when five people are trying to kill her at once.
Rick O'Shea
Rick O'Shea is an Irish Epic who can throw bullets at people. He makes objects unstable by touching them. They then explode when subjected to any significant impact. He is a kinetic energy Epic.
Pink Pinkness
Pink Pinkness is an Epic who really likes the color pink. She is remarkable because she apparently published her epic name without ever having said it out loud.
Digzone was a transference Epic who could gift his digging power to others. The Diggers were gifted these powers to carve out the understreets.
Dialas was an Epic in Detroit who angered Steelheart by cutting off some of his food supplies.
Bastion was Conflux's first owner.
Insulation bought Conflux from Bastion.
El Brass Bullish Dude
El Brass Bullish Dude was from inner LA.
Murkwood is an epic who was originally a part of the group that Prof and Regalia were members of. Original name was Lincoln.
An epic killed by the Reckoners[5] with potato-based powers.[6]
Armsman was an Epic in Omaha. The Reckoners were possibly planning to kill him. It is highly unlikely (but possible) that he was a High Epic.
A Russian epic who could control mercury telekinetically, forming it into shields, stairs, walls and rods. Had other powers that were not mentioned in the books.

Types of Epic[edit]

Lesser illusionists sometimes have trouble maintaining an exact illusion. Illusionists can't see if they turn themselves completely invisible. Light still needs to strike their irises. A skilled illusionist can make their eyes match the color of their surroundings. A powerful Illusionist can create sounds along with their images.
There are two types of illusionists: mental illusionists and photon-manipulators.
  • Photon-manipulators create actual changes in the way light behaves, crafting illusions with photons. They are similar to electricity-manipulation Epics.
  • Mental illusionists affect the brains of other people around them. They create hallucinations, not true illusions. They are similar to other mentalists.
  • Hypnotists
  • Mind-Control
  • Dimensionalist Epics commonly possess the power of Essokinesis, or being able to manipulate reality. The amount of power given by their Essokinesis differs, sometimes being only able to create realistic illusions, while more powerful Dimensionalists can make their alternate realities real in their own world, an example being Megan Tarash creating rock slides after merging a reality where a rock slide happened into her own world. Their powers, while they may seem very similar to Illusionists', actually summon "shadows" from another reality, which then manifest into the Dimensionalist's world. More powerful Dimensionalists can also summon tears in reality. Walking through one of these rifts temporarily transports you to another dimension.
Transference Epics
  • Transference Epics can give others their powers. These Epics are also known as gifters.[7]
Kinetic Energy Epics
Fire Epics
  • Standard fire Epics can turn to flame, fly, throw fire, and manipulate existing flames.
Animator Epics
  • Standard animator Epics can control inanimate objects with their mind. It is unknown if the objects in question have to be in human shape.

Power Duality[edit]

Power duality is when an Epic has two second-tier abilities that meld into a first-tier one. An example of this would be the Epic Faultline. Faultline actually had two separate abilities regarding shifting earth, but combined both of them to have the power to make the ground loose, push objects into it, and re-solidify the ground.

Epic Weaknesses[edit]

An Epic's Weakness can be just about anything. Some epics, upon seeing a specific pattern or symbol, lose their powers for a few moments. Some become weak when they think certain thoughts, stop eating certain foods, or eating the wrong food. Specific numbers can make an Epic weak as well. The weaknesses are tied to the person's history and is actually their greatest fear. If the Epic can overcome that fear, the insanity caused by Calamity's influence is dissipated, allowing them to keep the powers but also their original, untainted personality.


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