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Died Killed by Megan Tarash[1]
Powers Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Refractionary is an illusionist Epic in Newcago.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Refractionary wears yellow and black clothing.[1]

Refractionary likes to be involved in action, and thus will stay close to the Enforcement officers under her, in case she must give them orders or make illusions.[2] As with most Epics, Refractionary does not care for human life. When she was cut off in traffic, she created an illusion of the road turning, so the offender drove off the highway and into a house. Six died from this incident, including children.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Epic Powers[edit]

Refractionary is a class C illusionist Epic, and is fairly skilled, able to create pretty complex visual manifestations. However, she is not very powerful, and her illusions usually shimmer as if light is reflecting off of them.[2]
Personal Invisibility
Refractionary also has class B personal invisibility powers. While Refractionary can make herself invisible, she has to rely on illusions to conceal others.[2]


Refractionary's weakness is smoke. She typically stays away from people smoking and fires in general.[2]


When David was spotted during the murder of Fortuity by a woman he pulled out of a car,[3] Refractionary was sent to David's apartment with a sniper and three Enforcement officers (one of whom is Roy).[2][1] She used her illusions to conceal the three Enforcers in a large trash bin, and a sniper on top of a playground tower. However, David saw the illusions due to their occasional shimmer, and was alerted to her presence.[2]

When the Enforcers followed David into his apartment, Refractionary attempted to sneak up on Megan and Cody from behind. However, Refractionary only kept her mobile on vibrate, and so when David called her mobile, it alerted Megan to Refractionary's position. Megan then immediately shot Refractionary, killing her.[1]


  • Refractionary leads someone who cut her off in traffic off the road, because they inconvenienced her. This is remarkably similar to how Brandon developed the idea for the Reckoners series as a whole. He was late to a book signing, and when someone cut him off, he remarked that they were very lucky he didn't have superpowers and blow up their car for inconveniencing him.[4]


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