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Groups Reckoners
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
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I don’t think anything will ever change if people like us aren’t willing to sacrifice to make it happen.


Paige is a Reckoner[2] and a Raven[3], as well as the current host of the being known as Deathrise.[4] She is originally from California.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Paige has long dark hair and big blue eyes. During her time at the Coop, she is initially timid and shy, and kept her hair up in a ponytail.[5] After her supposed death and becoming a Raven, Paige grows more confident, and wears her hair around her shoulders as well as standing up straighter.[3] Though originally soft and weak, she becomes tough and skilled during both her time in the Coop and as a Raven.[6][7]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

We’re supposed to be these elite assassins right? What good is all this training if we don’t use it?


Due to her intensive training at the Coop, Paige is highly skilled in hand to hand combat, firearms, and sword fighting. She is a skilled fencer due to her speed and agility, though she is even better with guns. She is deliberate and precise with her shots, firing one bullet at a time so that she doesn’t miss.[6][8] As a Raven, she is gifted Lifeforce’s healing powers, allowing her to recover from any wound.[3]


Early Life[edit]

Prior to her joining the Reckoners, Paige’s entire family was killed by an Epic called Graviton. Graviton created tiny pockets of gravity inside her family members bodies, causing them to collapse inward and die.[5]

The Coop[edit]

Paige arrived at the coop around two years after Jax.[5] Upon arrival, she and Jax struck up a strong friendship through their shared suffering and through working on motivators together every night.[9] She and Jax often fought side by side in the practice arena, though Zeff often pitted them against impossible odds. She learned swordsmanship and firearms from Zeff, and became especially good with the latter.[6]

Becoming a Raven[edit]

During a fight at Arlington, Wingflare dropped a section of road on top of Paige. Paige was laying down next to a van at the time, and the concrete folded around the van, leaving her alive. Upon crawling out she encountered a Raven, who decided to kill her with a knife instead of a gun. Paige took a knife from the Raven and killed him with it. Due to the Raven’s regeneration, Paige killed them dozens of times. Lifeforce saw it and was impressed. He gave her a sword and had her fight ten ravens at once. When she won, he made her into a Raven. Paige, determined to gain access to Lifeforce’s palace, worked her way up through the Raven ranks quickly, soon becoming a lieutenant.[3]

Back with the Reckoners[edit]

Paige met back up with Jax and the others during their infiltration of Lux. She used her authority to personally bring them to their house, then revealed herself. Paige gave the others information on the Epics in Lux, as well as where large numbers of Ravens would be. She helped them gain access to the Raven tunnels underneath the city via a maintenance tunnel, enabling them to access the power grid.[10] During the assassination attempt on Lifeforce, she got them into the palace, but was captured along with the others.[11] After Jax helped break her out, they captured Languish, who Paige used to guard. Later, she led Jax to Wingflare’s compound, where Wingflare toyed with them.[12] After Jax killed Wingflare, Jax brought him and Paige to the safety of the city once everything started falling. During the final confrontation with Lifeforce, Paige was incapacitated, then badly wounded by Lifeforce. Jax figured out Lifeforce’s weakness and killed him. As Lifeforce died, he stabbed Paige with a syringe, injecting an unknown liquid into her.[13]


Paige was in a coma for several weeks following Lifeforce injecting the mysterious liquid into her. She eventually awoke, thinking harsh and mean thoughts about everyone around her, including Jax. Though physically fine, a voice spoke to her from her mind, and telling her that it is the demon that had been inside Lifeforce.[4]



No matter what happens, know that I love you, and have ever since the first time you took me to your workshop in the Coop.


Paige trains with Jax at the Coop, and from the beginning they are close friends. They are united by their shared suffering under Zeff, and they enjoy working together in the motivator workshop every night. [5] Paige is in love with him from the time they first met, but doesn’t tell him. When Jax and the other Reckoners arrive at Lux, she and Jax have a happy reunion, though are kept busy by the mission. It isn’t until their final assault on Lifeforce’s palace that Paige confesses her feelings for Jax and kisses him.[13]


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