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Abilities Epic
Residence Lux
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

There is nothing quite so special as to sip from the chalice of death. Sip, not swallow. To taste its sweet licorice on your toungue before releasing it back into the cup. Have you ever tasted something so sweet?


Wingflare is an Epic. She has incredibly strong telekinesis abilities. She is responsible for keeping the flying city of Lux aloft, as well as her massive compound.[2][3] Her real name is Shelly Sanders.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Before you die, you deserve a kiss for your bravery.


Wingflare has bleached-white hair and artificial-looking skin, and often often wears pure white clothing. She often likes to toy with her adversaries and gloat. She has an often playful attitude, but is as ruthless a killer as any other Epic. At times, she is completely devoid of emotion, though when people refuse to play her games she grows uncontrollably enraged.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]


Wingflare's telekinesis powers are so extensive that she can control individual bits of matter at will. She uses this power to fly, and to keep her hair and clothing completely motionless while in flight. It also allows her to stop bullets or sword strikes, which makes her very difficult to kill.[3] She is so powerful that she keeps the entire city of Lux in the air,[3] as well as her entire compound. She has great control over her abilities, and can move very large objects very rapidly with great precision.[1] She can also hold someone completely immobile with her powers, or stretch out their limbs as a method of torture.[5]

Wingflare’s Compound[edit]

Wingflare lives in a large floating compound a little ways outside of Lux, which is comprised of about a dozen state capital buildings, kept in the air by her powers. Small floating stone steps form bridges leading to the each of the buildings, with the last steps slanted. Wingflare stocks the capital buildings with treasure, and enjoys watching people struggle and die trying to cross the bridges. She lives in the White House, which she has redecorated.[2]


Wingflare’s weakness is people not playing games with her. As a child, she had a condition that made her bones extremely brittle and breakable. Her mother kept her from playing games with other kids. Because of her past, Wingflare delights in playing games with people, such as the bridges to the state capitals. When people defy her by refusing to play her games, it negates her powers.[1]



As a child, Shelly was diagnosed with Osteogenesis, meaning her bones were brittle and breakable. Her mother was protective of her, and took away all of her toys that could get her hurt, like her skateboard and volleyball. Shelly’s mother didn’t let her join any sports. Shelly lied to her mother, saying that she had joined the chess club, secretly having joined the field hockey team at her school. She did really well, and became an excellent player. About a month later, Shelly got hit badly during a game, and broke over a dozen bones. After that, she was never allowed to play any games, lest she get hurt.[4]

Serving Lifeforce[edit]

Wingflare was specifically sought out by Lifeforce, granted immortality in exchange for keeping the city of Lux in the air. Wingflare participated in many raids on towns, using her powers to fly Ravens down from Lux to attack. At Arlington, Wingflare was hunting Zeff and Jax. When Jax escaped, she turned on Zeff. She told Zeff to run, saying if he ran fast enough he could live. When he refused to play her game, her weakness was triggered and she accidentally dropped a building on him. Later, she participated in the attack on Galveston, where Jax attacked her and stole some of her hair without her knowledge. Jax managed to escape after Abigail distracted her.[3]

After Jax and Briggen attached a motivator made from her DNA to the city’s power grid and turned it on, Wingflare was able to sense the motivator being used and determine where it was. This allowed the Ravens to remove the motivator from the power grid, unbeknownst to the Reckoners.[1]

After Languish was captured, Wingflare and Lifeforce thought him to be a traitor. When Languish escaped and ran out into the open, Wingflare attacked him, holding him in her grasp and stretching his limbs. Languish unexpectedly dampened Wingflare’s powers, causing her to drop him. In addition, Lux began to fall as it was free from her control.[5] When Jax punched Languish in the face and knocks him to the ground, it broke his concentration. Wingflare’s powers were restored, and she fled and stopped Lux’s fall.[6]

A Final Game[edit]

Wingflare fled to her floating compound, and Lux and Paige followed her there. They made it to the Arkansas capitol, and were preparing to move to the White House, but Wingflare knew their location and made a straight path to the White House, removing all other bridges. Jax tried to shot the shockwave motivator at her, but she used her powers to pin his arms in place. Paige tried to attack her, but to no avail. Wingflare toyed with them, disappearing from sight and keeping them in suspense. She separated the two of them, leading Jax on a chase through the rooms of the White House, which Wingflare constantly moved around with her powers.[1]

Wingflare led him to the old Oval Office, where three platters sat on the table, each one with a cover. Wingflare announced that they were going to play a game. Wingflare told them that she is deathly allergic to pine nuts, and that it’s her weakness. Wingflare told Jax that each plate contains a piece of licorice. One piece was ordinary licorice, one was laced with pine sap, and one was laced with a lethal poison. She said that each of them must eat one of the pieces of licorice, and that Jax could choose who gets which. Jax thought that her weakness was broken bones, and so used the shockwave guns to shatter her bones. It didn’t work however, and her bones healed. She took back control of Jax, then demanded that he picks a platter. Jax realized that Wingflare was hiding something, and figured out her weakness. Jax didn’t pick a platter, refusing to play her game. Wingflare became enraged, and her weakness activated. Jax shot Wingflare in the head, and it killed her.[1]


  • Wingflare hates potato chips.[4]


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