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Died Killed by David[1]
Abilities Epic
Residence Ildithia
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Calamity

Loophole is an Epic that lives in Ildithia. She is lean and has short hair.[2] She throws lavish parties and loves fancy cupcakes. Three pastry chefs were executed by Loophole for producing sub par cupcakes.[3]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Epic Abilities[edit]

Size Manipulation
She has the ability to change the size of things that she touches. She can do it very quickly, even being able to shrink bullets as they hit her, making them virtually harmless. Objects return to their normal size after a few minutes if she leaves them alone.
Augmented Speed
She has "slightly" augmented speed.


Loophole has a fear of sneezing. When anyone sneezes in her presence, anyone or any objects altered in size return to normal size.[1]


Nothing is known of her life before she became an Epic. She is known as being one of the most powerful Epics in Ildithia.[4] Loophole spends her time arranging parties and being a mercenary, offering her services to whatever powerful Epics will pay her.[1]

Before Limelight comes to Ildithia, Loophole was working for Larcener, who allowed her to throw parties every week in Sharp Tower. Prof allows her to continue after he becomes the dominant Epic of the city.[5] In the final battle between the Reckoners and Prof, she aids Prof by grabbing a motivator from Cody. She is hunted down and killed by David.[1]


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