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World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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A motivator is a device that replicates abilities from an Epic's power set.


Motivators are created by harvesting the cells of dead Epics.[1] These cells are stored in the motivator, which releases various powers when exposed to different electrical currents.[2] Motivators are responsible for keeping the cells of Epics alive, which includes feeding them, regulating their temperature, and dealing with any produced waste.[2]


When in Babilar, David Charleston uses a motivator called a spyril to move quickly between the rooftops of the city.[1]


  • Epic mitochondrial DNA, the key ingredient in all motivators, is used as high-level currency between the Reckoners and arms dealers.[1]
  • Any given piece of Epic-based technology requires a motivator to function.[1]


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