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Profession Scientist
Groups Reckoners
Residence Lux
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Lux
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But Dr. Parik treated Lifeforce with respect and dignity. he never cowered, never begged, never whimpered. Always greeted his Epic with a straight back and a mannerly nod. It was… refreshing.


Parik is a scientist under Lifeforce’s employ who lives in Lux. He serves Lifeforce as his head researcher. His main work entails granting Epic powers to humans or other Epics, specifically Lifeforce. He has silvery hair, and wears a white labcoat and glasses.[2]


El Paso[edit]

Parik went to El Paso to work with Dean Knighthawk and to learn his secrets. He claimed he is a California Reckoner. He gave himself a long Eastern European name that is hard to pronounce, so Knighthawk just called him “The Californian.” When Zeff and Jax visited to get some new motivator technology from Knighthawk, Jax unwittingly revealed useful information about motivators to Parik. Unbeknownst to Zeff and Jax, Parik attached a GPS tracker to their truck, later allowing the city of Lux to follow them.[3][4]


As Lifeforce’s chief scientist, Parik was assigned to help Lifeforce obtain the powers of other Epics. Their success was largely made possible with information that Jax revealed at El Paso. Using bits of the Epic such as a severed hand, they attached the bit of epic to Lifeforce and integrated the flesh with Lifeforce’s. Parik managed to give Lifeforce the powers of the Epic Shiversting, but failed when trying to give him the powers of Liquidyne.[1] Parik also assisted Lifeforce with his work in the Chrysalis Hollows, and wanted Lifeforce to keep more precise records.[5]

Captured by the Reckoners[edit]

When the Reckoners broke into Parik’s lab, he hid in a cabinet, eavesdropping on them. He accidentally made a noise, and was discovered and captured by the Reckoners. He was interrogated, but didn’t give away any information at first. Jax then went to the ladder drop site, then dangled Parik over the edge and threatened to drop him. Parik gave Jax the desired information about Languish’s weakness, fearing for his life. Jax tried to drop Parik over the edge, but he was saved by Paige. Not wanting to kill him directly, they put Parik onto the ladder and lowered him three-quarters of the way to the ground. They said that if he was strong, then he could climb back up, and that if he wasn’t, then he would die. It is unknown wether he survived or not.[6]


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