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Rtich (Epic)
Abilities Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Rtich (pronounced "r'teech") was a Russian Epic with mercury manipulating powers.[1]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

David is familiar with Rtich and says that she had "very eclectic" abilities.[1] She was quite powerful, but not a High Epic.[1]

Epic Abilities[edit]

Quicksilver globe
When David learns that Knighthawk has duplicated Rtich's powers, he mentions this ability and is excited by it.[1] When he first uses the rtich technology created by Knighthawk, he assumes that he will be able to control liquid mercury with it, but he is not very successful.[2] After some practice, Abraham becomes proficient with the tech, using it to metaphysically control mercury and shape it at will (he is able to create a hovering globe, weapons, stairs, and a shield, among other things).[3][4] David's name for this ability implies that Rtich's power functioned in a manner similar to Knighthawk's device.
David refers to Rtich as having a "set of abilities" and asks Knighthawk if he has replicated her "entire portfolio".[1] Knighthawk does not comment other than to point out that each motivator can only be used to replicate one Epic power.[1] This implies that Rtich did have other powers, but it is not known what those other powers may have been. It is also unclear if Knighthawk has more motivators made with Rtich's cells.


Rtich is killed in Siberia a few months before the events of Calamity during some sort of "dramatic" dispute between dictators.[1] A local merchant managed to harvest a cell sample that made its way into the hands of Dean Knighthawk.[1] Knighthawk uses the cells to create an epic-based technology of the same name, the rtich, which he loans to the Reckoners.[1]


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