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Puños de Fuego
Died Killed by the Reckoners
Abilities Epic
Residence Hermosillo
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Puños de Fuego (Spanish for Fists of Fire) is an Epic based in Hermosillo, Mexico.[1]

He has super strength and can lift practically anything, even things that ought to break apart as he does so. He has enhanced endurance and thick elephant-like skin, but is not a High Epic. He is killed in a hit by the Reckoners; though he avoids Sam, somehow figures out where their operations station is, and breaks it open by throwing a tank through the wall, he is killed by Val, who gets in the tank and shoots him with its main gun. Sam later finds his arm seven streets away.[1]

This encounter seems to have gained some notoriety among Reckoners, as David immediately asks Val if she was in the job in Hermosillo after learning she had been stationed in Mexico.[1]


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