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This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

The Reckoners Multiverse is an unnamed multiverse[1] where multiple stories including The Reckoners, Snapshot,[2] and The Apocalypse Guard would take place.[3] It is not connected to the cosmere.[4]


The vast majority of worlds in the multiverse are unstable shadows. However, the few stable worlds, referred to as Core Possibilities, are mostly undergoing catastrophes, including the world of the Reckoners.[5] In theory, even Alcatraz and The Rithmatist could exist as alternate Earths in such a multiverse,[6] and there could even be a connection to the Cytoverse.[7]

As originally conceived, the Apocalypse Guard was a group that was founded in order to save the various worlds of the multiverse.[4][5]


Brandon ran into various issues writing The Apocalypse Guard, cancelling and reviving it multiple times, with major changes to the story along the way.[8][9][10] As of 2021, it is not complete but it remains likely to be published.[6] Although both the Reckoners and Apocalypse Guard stories may contain multiverses,[11][12] connecting them is not a top priority if the story does not work.[7]

Due to issues around film rights, Snapshot was removed from the Reckoners Multiverse.[13] However, these rights later lapsed,[14] so it is unclear if a connection may still exist.