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Newton portrait.png
Aliases Yunmi Park
Powers Epic
Residence Babilar
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Firefight
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Newton is an Epic that serves Regalia in Babilar. Prior to becoming an Epic, she was known as Yunmi Park.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]


Vector Redirection
Her primary power and the reason why she is a High Epic, this power allows her to reverse the vector of any energy aimed at her, including gunshots and collisions. [1]
Super Speed
Newton is extremely fast, more so than most.[1]


Newton loses her power when she is complimented.[2] David used this to shoot her, effectively killing her as her powers were no longer available.[1] Obliteration did it beforehand to show that he could kill her.[2]


Newton was a juvenile delinquent before her transformation.[1] She was terrified of actually living up to the expectations placed upon her, so she fought against them, even killing to do so. Judging by her name, she is most likely of Korean descent. [citation needed] She tried to blow up a building, leading to David trying to stop her and failing [3].


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