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Abilities Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Tavi is the daughter of Jonathan Phaedrus and Tia in the alternate universe to which Firefight is native. Tavi has short red hair in a pixie cut, and wears jeans and a denim jacket.[1]


She has similar powers to Prof in the "real" world; however, her forcefields are blue-green, whereas Prof's are simply green.[1] It also appears that she has the same fear as Prof. However, due to her reality not having Calamity, her weakness does not affect her as much.[2] She is a member of her world's version of the Reckoners.[3]

It is unknown whether a counterpart to Tavi exists in the main Reckoners universe. However, the Tia in the "real" world seemed to find Tavi familiar during the fight scene.[2]


During the Reckoners' confrontation with the corrupted Prof at Sharp Tower, Megan Tarash attempted to summon an uncorrupted alternate Prof to fight her world's version, thus deploying his own powers, which she believed at that time to be his weakness, against him. Megan was unable to find an uncorrupted version of Prof with the same power portfolio in a nearby reality, so she summoned Tavi instead.[1] The two fought each other for several minutes, destroying much of the tower with their tensor power, before Prof overcame Tavi's defenses and knocked her unconscious. Tavi was then returned to her own world when David Charleston triggered Megan's weakness in order to prevent her from succumbing to the corruption that summoning Tavi had brought upon her.[4] Tavi appeared briefly when David and Calamity visited her universe, but David did not speak with her.[5]


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