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Died Shot by David[1]
Abilities Epic
Residence Ildithia
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Wiper is an Epic that lives in Ildithia and works for Limelight. At first, Wiper did not immediately join Limelight. However, she explains that "those who are quick to give their allegiance are quick to change it." She promises to kill Larcener, but Prof reprimands her, and claims he needs a sample of Larcener's DNA first.[2] Wiper uses her power to short out Megan's illusions when Prof realizes that the Reckoners are in the same room as them.

Wiper is in her early twenties, and wears her blonde hair in a braid. She has the ability to temporarily shut down another Epic's external powers (but not internal ones like defensive or healing powers).[3] As she has no immortality benefits, she is easily killed by David with a simple gunshot.[1]


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