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Died Killed by Reckoners[1]
Abilities Epic
Aliases Georgi
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)

Waterlog was an Epic with water-manipulation abilities.[2] Prior to becoming an Epic, he was a street thug from Orlando known as Georgi.[1]


Regalia claimed to have turned Georgi into an Epic,[1] although his powers were actually granted by Calamity.[3]

At some point, Waterlog was killed, presumably by the Reckoners.[2] His cells were turned into a motivator that Knighthawk Foundry used to create the spyril.[4][1][2]


The spyril became a key tool for the Reckoners, used first by Sam,[5] and later by David Charleston.[1] When Regalia attempted to have Calamity turn David into an Epic, she suggested that he should be given the same powers as Waterlog.[2]


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