Dean Knighthawk

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Dean Knighthawk
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Calamity
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Dean Knighthawk is the owner of Knighthawk Foundry.

"Dean Knighhawk" is actually an alias, as he thought his given name was stupid.[1] He was born paralyzed, and can only move his head. Instead, he uses epic technology to assume the powers of a telepathic puppeteer, The Wooden Soul. With his human-sized wooden puppet, he can carry himself around and work. Knighthawk is pudgy, with drooping jowls.[2]



He was friends with Jonathan Phaedrus prior to Calamity, as was his wife Amala. She became an Epic and succumbed to Calamity's darkness. Phaedrus had to kill her. Afterwards, Knighthawk gathered the powers of healing Epics, but none of them could revive her. After Phaedrus turned evil, Knighthawk agreed to help David Charleston and his team of Reckoners if he would help Knighthawk get Phaedrus' healing powers. He monitored things over his mobile network and assisted David.[expand]

After David drove Calamity away, Knighthawk did in fact get his wife back, possibly by Prof's healing powers, although the complete story is more complicated.[3]

El Paso[edit]

After a large Epic battle took place at El Paso, Knighthawk traveled there and set up a mobile lab to collect DNA from the dead Epics. Parik, Lifeforce's head scientist, joined Knighthawk to spy on him and learn his secrets, saying he was part of the California Reckoners. Jax and Zeff, from the Texas Reckoners, met Knighthawk at El Paso to get some motivator technology, and Jax impressed Knighthawk with his knowledge of motivators. Jax gave Knighthawk some suggestions, and Knighthawk gave him the fathom motivator.[2]


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