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Ash and Bone by Kyra Lythgoe.jpg
Died Day of Annexation
Powers Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Deathpoint is an Epic with the power to disintegrate people. His actions indirectly led to the Day of Annexation.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is tall and lean, but solid. He was muscled and toned in a way that could be seen through his business suit. He has the haughty attitude common among powerful Epics, although he remarks that his Epic name is not very clever. He puts no value on human lives, and maintains a conversational tone while murdering multiple people.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He has the ability to disintegrate living things by pointing at them and making a very slight gesture. The victim instantly turns into ash, although their bones and any inanimate objects on their person are unaffected and fall to the floor in a heap. He is also speculated to have a second ability, something that appears to require physical contact with the victim's neck. It is likely that his second ability is even more powerful than his first, as he planned to use it on Steelheart despite his first being completely ineffective.[1] However, Prof does not think Deathpoint's second ability would have worked; Steelheart's level of invulnerability was not well-understood at the time.[2]

Deathpoint is not a High Epic, as he died to an ordinary gunshot wound.[1] His Epic weakness is unknown.


Like many powerful Epics, Deathpoint realized it was an inconvenience to actually have to kill people in order to get money or other things that he wanted, and decided to terrorize the people of Newcago so they would become subservient to him and make his life a little easier.[1][3] He went to First Union Bank in Newcago and started killing everyone in the building as a show of his power, including tellers, guards, and customers, including an infant. David Charleston and his father Blain were present, and Blain retrieved a gun from a fallen guard hoping to stop Deathpoint. Steelheart soon arrived; Deathpoint tried to disintegrate him twice but his power had no effect. Steelheart told Deathpoint that he was the emperor of Newcago and that Deathpoint could either join him or die.[1] Steelheart's apparent corruption shocked David, but Blain maintained his belief that Steelheart could be a hero.[2]

Law enforcement arrived and distracted Steelheart; Deathpoint attempted to sneak up behind him, presumably to try using a different ability, but he was shot in the forehead by Blain. The bullet grazed Steelheart and caused him to bleed; his skin was usually impervious to damage, and the wound was an indication that Blain had exploited Steelheart's then-unknown Epic weakness. This enraged Steelheart, who immediately killed Blain and scores of other observers to try and keep his weakness a secret. David was the sole survivor; Steelheart performed the Great Transfersion later that night.[1]

The people of Newcago assumed that Deathpoint had caused Steelheart's anger.[4] When the Reckoners later investigated the ruins of the bank, David saw some of the bones left behind by Deathpoint's killing spree.[2]


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