Abigail Reed

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Abigail Reed
Regalia portrait.png
by User:Therustyrobot
Abilities Epic
Aliases Regalia
Residence Babilar
Ethnicity African American
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Abigail Reed, also known as Regalia or Regalia, the Hydromancer, is an Epic that rules over the city of Babylon Restored.[1]

She is an African-American woman in her seventies. She has white hair and is described as looking "distinguished". She is described as grandmotherly by some, at least in her physical appearence. When David discovers her real body, he finds her appearance to be more of sickly version of her projections.


Before Calamity[edit]

Long before the arrival of Calamity she was an attorney, and later a judge. She did not serve very long as she quit to star in her own reality show, Judge Regalia, which aired for six years. She then quit to join the Light of Heaven Television Ministry. She eventually became known as "one of America's most controversial religious figures" because of her divisive preaching. [citation needed]

After Calamity[edit]

Not long after the arrival of Calamity she gained her Epic abilities while on air. After revealing a level of intolerance and brutality not seen before, she lost most of her followers. For reasons unknown she killed her remaining followers then went to New York City where she killed the reigning Epic. She then flooded the streets, renaming the city Babylon Restored.


When the Reckoners discover that Regalia had been sending Epics such as Mitosis to Newcago to engage with the team, they set their sights on Babilar to take down Abigail. She is served by the High Epics Newton and Obliteration in Babilar. Throughout the book, the Reckoners realize that she has some kind of connection to Prof and a plan involving their leader. Prof informs David Charleston that he had previously been a part of a team of Epics, including Abigail, that attempted to do good. She later reveals that she has a connection with the Epic, Calamity, and tries to turn David into an Epic, but David rejects the influence of Calamity and seemingly fails to turn into an Epic. Later it is revealed that she planned to corrupt Prof so she could succeed her as it turns out that Regalia is actually terminally ill with cancer and is treated by a doctor who also takes care of Dawnslight. The Reckoners find her and kill her before she she could succumb her disease. Although dead in the next book, her influence still remains as she is responsible for Prof's corruption and the creation of Epic-based technologies made from Obliteration's DNA.

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Epic Abilities[edit]

Water Manipulation
The "Class B" ability to control massive amounts of water. She used this ability to flood the streets of Manhattan.
Water Tendrils
The ability to control tendrils of water. She used this ability to attack David, as well as other people. These tendrils cannot feel, requiring light to be effective.
The "Class A" ability to project images of herself anywhere she wishes. She is able to see and interact through these images however she can not be injured through them. Due to this ability her true location is unknown. David assumed that she has a range that limits how far away she can be to create projections and manipulate water, and the Reckoners attempted to use this to their advantage in order to discern her location. However, it was later revealed that this was false as she appeared in the Reckoner's base in Babilar when David attempted to contact her.
The "Class C" ability to look into water to see glimpses of the future, if somewhat vaguely.[citation needed]


  • She is featured in a full-color Epic File found in the Books-a-Million special edition of Steelheart.[1]
  • Despite David's attempt to find her weakness, it has never been revealed. Outside of the books, it was revealed to be "being proven wrong." This is why her projection dissipated after David resisted Calamity.[2]


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