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Region Manhattan
World Earth (Reckoners)

Babylon Restored, often referred to as Babilar (a simplification of "Babyl-R"[1]), is the name given to New York City after its streets were flooded by the Epic Regalia.[2] Regalia ruled tyrannically over the city for years, before she stopped and decided to clean the place up.[3][4] It is unknown what came of the city after Calamity was defeated.


The water floods so high you can see only the supports of bridges, even though they were once over a hundred feet tall. The water sloped upward towards the middle of the city, so that the perimeter of Babilar had a lower water level than inside Babilar.[5] Many tops of the buildings were only a few feet above the water surface, and the people lived in vibrantly colored tents, on the rooftops.[3] In Babilar, spraypaint glowed[3] with bright fluorescent light, and much of the city had been graffitied, so it appeared that the sides of the buildings were aglow.[5] Plants and trees would often grow inside buildings, providing the occupants of Babilar will fruits and vegetables, enough for them to eat.[3] The trees and plants had colorful petals, that had three or four gradient colors.[2][3] However, some of the trees were unique. One such tree produces fortune cookies instead of fruit, and Dawnslight could communicate through the fortunate cookies.[6] Radios within the city's limits worked even without a power source, although no other electronic devices did. [7]

The phenomenon of the glowing spraypaint, the radios, the warmth, and the plentiful gardens and fruit, was due to Dawnslight, a man in a coma, who dreamed many of the city's aspects up.[8] The spraypaint suddenly stops glowing somewhere outside the city's limits, and begins to glow again as the spraypaint enters city again.[5]

It was almost destroyed when Regalia died, causing the water to draw back and the supports of the buildings to be exposed, but miraculously, it was not damaged because the roots and vines of Dawnslight's plants had grown into a through the buildings, acting as living reinforcement.[9]

Everyday Life[edit]

The citizens of Babilar led fairly normal lives. They would live a carefree life of relaxation, partying, and eating, believing that no-one can do anything about the Epics, so just let them have their way. However, almost no one in the city had access to electricity.[3] The people would travel through the city on boats and on suspended bridges between the tops of buildings. Many of the citizens go out at night, when the graffiti is more noticeably glowing.[3]


Regalia ruled Babilar for quite some time as a tyrant. She killed thousands of people, and let gangs terrorize the city. However, she soon changed and became a benevolent ruler.[3] Unlike Steelheart, Regalia does not rely on oppression and fear to rule her populace anymore. Regalia has the power to move, see out of, and create projections from water. She is terminally ill with cancer and uses her projections to rule the city. As she can not be present among the city, she appointed Newton, a lesser Epic, as her right hand woman. Newton heads the only gang in Babilar, which patrols throughout Babilar, but usually does not resort to violence.[10]

Regalia sent Mitosis, Instabam, and Sourcefield to try and lure Prof to Babilar.[2] She also brought Obliteration to Babilar, and promised that he would be able to destroy the city if he served her for some time.[11] Regalia ended up making a motivator from Obliteration that was about to destroy the city before Prof interfered.[8]

Notable Residents[edit]


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